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Norwegian Buhund Breed Summary

Loyal, Protective, Alert, Gentle and Friendly

Norwegian Buhunds are very happy and high-spirited dogs who absolutely love playtime! They were bred as herding dogs who would often work for most of the day so need plenty of exercise in order to remain fit and healthy. Additionally, they need lots of physical and mental stimulation to keep their bodies and minds active.

They are prone to developing separation anxiety and so need someone to be around for most of the day. However, their wariness of strangers means that they make great watchdogs and are highly dependable.

Fun Fact: They belong to the Spitz family!

Kennel Club Group Herding
Lifespan 12 to 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 17in - 18.5in Females 16in - 17.5in
Weight Males 31lb - 40lb Females 26lb - 35lb
Coat Coats are Double with a Soft, Dense Undercoat and a Thick, Hard Outer coat
Color Pale Cream to Bright Orange
Eye color Dark
Common health issues Eye Issues, Hip Dysplasia

These dogs make extremely loyal companions. They absolutely love their humans and will do all they can to protect them from potential threats, making them very good watchdogs! They don't tend to bark too much, unless for very good reason, so you can be sure that this breed make excellent watchdogs. They are a very friendly breed and are very happy to get along with all manner of people, including other animals and children.

There's truth to the romantic tales of Buhunds who sailed with those Nordic invaders, the Vikings, whose lightning raids tized Europe some 1,200 years ago. And though Buhunds might've enjoyed looting and pillaging their way across the continent alongside Vikings (Buhunds enjoy any activity they can do with their owners!), they are, at heart, homebodies. In fact, their name derives from the Norwegian word “bu,” meaning “homestead” or “farm.” For centuries, Buhunds served as herders, guardians of flock and family, and all-purpose farmhands.