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Large Munsterlander Breed Summary

Loyal, Alert, Intelligent, Loving and Trustworthy

Large Munsterlander's are a very handsome and athletic-looking breed, that originate from Germany! Their devoted and loving personalities mean that they form very strong bonds with their 'hooman' families! They were originally bred to work alongside hunters as gundogs, though now are more well-known as making lovely companions and pets.

They are fairly unknown outside of their native country, including here in the UK, though they are just starting to gain popularity with those who lead active lifestyles.

Fun Fact: They are fantastic hunters, both on land and in the water!

Kennel Club Group Gundog
Lifespan 11 - 13 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 60cm - 65cm, Females 58cm - 63cm
Weight Males and Females 23kg - 32kg
Coat Coats are Long, Dense and there is Lots of Feathering on their Front and Back Legs and Tails
Colour Heads are Black with a White Blaze, Star or Nip. The Body is White or Blue Roan with Black Markings
Eye colour Dark Brown
Common health issues Hereditary cataracts, Hip dysplasia, HUU (urinary stones), Osteochondrosis of the shoulders, Black hair follicular dysplasia
Other Names Munster, Grosser Munsterland

These dogs are known for their incredibly loyal and devoted natures. Additionally, they are extremely intelligent dogs and it's for these reasons that they became such highly prized hunting dogs. It also makes them a good breed for first-time owners, as they are easy to handle and train! They absolutely love to be around 'hoomans' and are extremely sociable by nature, meaning they form very strong bonds with their owners. For this reason, they shouldn't be left alone for too long as it can result in them developing separation anxiety. Therefore, they need someone to be with them most of the day. As they are wary of strangers and highly alert, they make excellent watchdogs, although they can sometimes be very vocal. Overall though, they make lovely pets and have the ability to provide you with years of happiness and joy!

These dogs are thought to have first been developed in Germany, where they worked as highly-prized Gun Dogs! It's thought they first appeared on the scene in the early 20th century but were originally classed as a Longhaired Pointer. However, similar-looking dogs have been around since the Middle Ages and it's thought that Munsterlanders may be descendants of them! Additionally, there were lots of German hunting dogs during the 1800s and it wasn't until the 19th century that they began to separate them into breeds, so they may well have been around during this period of time as well. The breed may have been further developed by crossing them with Setter and Spaniel-type dogs, which resulted in the dog that we see today! They are rarely kept as pets but anyone who wishes to share their home with one would have to register interest with breeders as only a few puppies are born each year.