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Personalised Jack-A-Poo Bowls

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Personalised Dog Bowls For Your Jack-A-Poo

You know that look your Jack-a-Poo gives you when it’s meal time? Eyes wide in anticipation, tail wagging, possibly yapping at your heels. Imagine how bowled over they’ll be to see mealtimes are now catered just for them, with their own personalised Jack-A-Poo bowl! Our classic ceramic bowls can be customised with the name of your favourite Jack-a-Poo and a dog icon or sophisticated silhouette to look just like them. 

If you and your Jack-a-Poo love to travel, our eco-friendly travel bowls are brilliant – collapsing to flat, they’re super easy to store in your bag, for mealtimes on the go. 

Perhaps your Jack-a-Poo get a bit too excited at mealtimes? Not to worry, our ceramic bowls are heavy enough to ensure they won’t go sliding around your kitchen floor.

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