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Dachshund Shampoo

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Dachshund Shampoo

Make bathtime fun with your pooch’s very own Dachshund shampoo, personalised especially for them! Banish any unpleasant odours without stripping any essential oils from your dog’s coat and keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Our gentle oatmeal formula is designed to give your Dachshund a deep cleanse and to rinse off easily, so they can scrub up well without the stress! After all, cuddles are better when they smell good. Select your dog’s lookalike icon for the front of the bottle and discover our best Dachshund shampoos today.

For Heaven-Scent Dachshunds

Even your adorable little Dachshund will need a good wash every once in a while! Discover Yappy’s range of gentle but effective Dachshund shampoo, the must-have product for those cheeky pups who have jumped in one too many puddles on their morning walk!

Ready, set, pamper! Our shampoo is available either in liquid form with your Dachshund’s adorable icon on the label or packed into a Vegan-friendly lavender Soap Bar, pawfect for enhancing your dog’s skin and coat.

This ‘Fresh Coat’ deodorising shampoo is made especially for freshening up your Dachshund’s coat to keep them clean and healthy. With an accessible flip-top lid, all our liquid shampoo bottles are easy to grab and flick open when time is of the essence! For the best shampoo for your Dachshund, trust Yappy.

Has Your Dachshund got Star Quality?

What better way to bring the family together than a game night featuring your very own Dachshund? Our personalised Dachshund games are great fun for all ages and feature your furry friend!

Our world exclusive Your Dog Breaks The Internet board game invites you to follow the path to fame while you try your best to avoid scandals that could see your dog’s reputation ruined. Do you have what it takes? Take it in turns to roll the dice and walk your favourite Dachshund playing piece to stardom.

Wagging Tails in 3, 2, 1…

Bring some excitement to playtime with our range of fun dog toys! Well-behaved pooches will love this Let’s Chew It box, crammed with toys and treats including a Squeaker Sneaker Toy and delicious dog biscuits.

With numerous bright and colourful designs in our collection, you'll definitely be able to find a toy to spoil your Dachshund with!