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Dachshund Books

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Dachshund Books

Impress your friends and family with a book that stars their canine companion! Our Dachshund books are a fun way to put your pup in print to create unique gifts and wonderful keepsakes. From beautifully illustrated storybooks to exciting search-and-find adventures, our personalised Dachshund books are pawfect for the whole family.

Personalised Dachshund books for every dog lover

A Dachshund book is guaranteed to be the most ‘woofed’ book on every dog lover’s shelf. With our range of personalised Dachshund books, you can create a unique gift in a few easy steps!

Discover our collection of Dachshund books and customise them with a combination of your dog’s name, their Yappy icon and silhouette, their gorgeous photo and more. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have created a unique gift that’s sure to become a treasured possession.

If you like writing your own stories (and shopping lists for your Doxie), why not check out our Dachshund notebooks too.

Put your dog’s name in lights!

Is your little dog ready to become a big star? Read all about your pup’s rise to superstardom in our ultra-personalised Dachshund book: Dog is a Star. This storybook features a stunning panoramic book format and is star-studded with your Dachshund’s name, Yappy icon and silhouette, their cute photo, and more! This incredible story will get 5-paw reviews from the whole family.

Unleash your inner detective with search and find books

If you’re looking for the ulti-mutt boredom buster, look no further than our Dachshund search and find book: Where’s Dog Name? Fun for all ages, this book has not one but two exciting sequels! These books will test your patience (and your eyesight) as you scan each bustling page to find your daring dog and all the friends they’ve made on their adventures.

The most barked about gifts for dog lovers

With Dachshund books, you can put your dog in the limelight and create amazing gifts for dog lovers.

For more pawsome gift ideas, why not bag yourself a Dachshund tote bag or snuggle up to a comfy dog cushion?