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Personalised Chipoo Beds

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Personalised Beds For Chipoos Of All Sizes

After a busy day of your Chipoo chasing its tail, playing with one of our dog toys, or simply worn out from being pawsome, bedtime comes calling. What better place to snooze, than one of our comfy dog beds? For an extra dose of cosiness, check out our super-soft blankets, too!

Did you know {breedCommonNameAnA} Chipoo needs about 12-14 hours sleep a night? That much snoozing requires the bed of your dog’s dreams. If you’re after complete comfort for your pup, our deluxe slumber beds are perfect for snuggling into and keep cold floors at bay. Or, for a lovingly personal touch to your dog’s bed, then how about adding the name and icon of your Chipoo to one of our high-quality canvas designs? It’ll read ‘this is my bed, keep your paws off!’

If you and your Chipoo love hitting the road, then our car boot bed is perfect for protecting your car, as well as giving your dog a place to rest up (ready for your next adventure together). Whatever your lifestyle – for the loungers and the go-getters, sleep is king, and your dog is sure to sleep like royalty in one of our personalised dog beds.

Jealous of your dog’s soaring comfort levels? Check out our range of cushions for you to snuggle up to!