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Chi-Poo Breed Summary

Loving, Energetic, Affectionate and Playful

These energetic pooches love to play and love to spend time with their owners sitting on their lap and being cuddled. A significant trait that the Chi-Poo may have partially inherited from the Chihuahua is their habit of bonding intimately with a particular person of the house, following them wherever they go. 

The Chi-poo can thrive well indoors and even in apartments if they have sufficient space to run around freely. This pooch gets along well with other dogs and pets when brought up with then however, they are not too comfortable with strangers.

Lifespan 12 - 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 12cm - 38cm
Weight Males and Females 1.5kg - 9kg
Coat Smooth, fluffy, coarse, wiry, curly, wavy.
Colour White, Cream, Brown, Grey, Black, White and Apricot, Tan with White markings, Black and Tan
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Tendency to wheeze or snore, corneal dryness, secondary glaucoma, runny eyes, cataracts, gum problems, colds, stress, ear infections and digestive or heart disorders.
Other Names Poochi, Choodle, Wapoo and Chipoodle

These active, playful dogs require a lot of physical activity to be healthy and happy. Taking them out for a walk daily under moderate temperature is a good option however if the outdoor temperature starts to fall, it is a good idea to take a coat or jumper for them. They get bored and destructive when left alone for too long and they, therefore, need to have adequate mental exercise.

Being intelligent just like the Poodle, they will respond well to training when handled by a tactful trainer who is not harsh on them but handles their stubbornness in a firm and patient way. The techniques of rewarding and praising will encourage them to respond in a positive way.

Proper socialisation training is required to be given to these puppies to help them get over certain behavioural problems like barking, showing possessiveness regarding their toys or belongings or getting destructive. Moreover, they should be trained to get over their habit of being attached to a particular individual of the family as their absence may trigger intense separation anxiety in them.

Due to their size, Chi-Poo's can live in a variety of different environments and make wonderful family pets.

As a mixed breed rather than a pure breed and one that came about fairly recently as a result of deliberate breeding there is not much known about where or when the Chi-Poo came about. Without much history to them, the best way to determine more about the temperament and needs of the mixed breed is to look at the breeds that created the cross which, in this case, are the Chihuahua and the Poodle.