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Chihuahua Cards

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Chihuahua Cards

Our custom Chihuahua cards will have every dog lover doing the cha-cha! What could be better than seeing your cute canine on a personalised card? Our wide range of Chihuahua greeting cards is bursting with unique designs to suit all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a funny, cute, or super customised design, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect card from our collection of charismatic Chihuahua cards.  

Chihuahua Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

With so many Chihuahua greeting cards to choose from, we’ve made life easy for you by grouping each pawsome card by occasion. So, whether you want to say Happy Birthday, Thank You, Get Well Soon or Congratulations, now you can say it in the best way possible, with a helping paw from your canine companion. Simply pick your favourite card design and make it unique to the recipient with a host of customisable features; smiles and tail wags are guaranteed!

Why not go one step further and match your Chihuahua greeting card with personalised wrapping paper? Our custom wrap is available in a variety of vibrant patterns that star your Chihuahua, plus they feature a beautiful silk finish for that extra luxurious touch.

Cards for Dog Mums and Dog Dads

What could be better than receiving an adorable card from your beloved pup? A card from the dog is a wonderful way to treat a dog mum or a dog dad and thank them for all their great pawrenting. Make them laugh with a funny design or smile from ear to ear with a cute card that features their little canine cutie. We even have a range of photo upload cards so you can make your Chihuahua cards truly wagnificent.

For more gorgeous photo gifts, make sure to explore our full range of eye-catching Chihuahua photo gifts! All of our photo gifts are a fun way to show off your furry friend and will make a lasting impression on every dog lover. With options to add the pup’s name too, the recipient is sure to cherish their pawsome gift fur-ever. 

Personalised Gifts are the Best Gifts

At Yappy, we believe nothing says “I woof you” more than a personalised gift! To truly wow a Chihuahua lover with the gift of a lifetime, look no further than our magical range of personalised Chihuahua books. These ultra-personalised dog storybooks and search-and-find adventure books are custom-made with an abundance of personalised features, meaning each beautifully illustrated book is unique to the recipient to create a unique and thoughtful gift.