Our Easy Recipe for Dog-Friendly Pancakes

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Everyone loves Pancake Day, right? Having fun flipping pancakes and indulging in your favourite toppings is an enjoyable activity that everyone can get involved with, including your dog!

Everyone loves Pancake Day, right? Well, our extra-special pancake recipe for dogs is about to tickle their taste buds.

Have fun flipping these dog-friendly pancakes and indulge in all your dog’s favourite toppings this Pancake Day! Once you’ve mastered making these pancakes, there’s nothing to stop you from making them whenever you want to give your pup a yummy treat.

Simply follow our step-by-step guide to make your delicious dog pancakes and you’ll be flipping up a feast for your pup in minutes. It’s even tried and tested by Yappy’s canine culinary star, Pepper the miniature Dachshund!

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Check out our video on how to make dog-friendly pancakes!

Dog-Friendly Pancake Recipe

This pancake recipe for your dog is enough to make one large pancake for your pup, or a few miniature pancakes.


50g Plain Flour
1 Egg
100ml Water

Optional Dog-Friendly Toppings

A Drizzle of Honey
Natural Peanut Butter (with no xylitol as this is harmful to dogs)
Banana (your pup can enjoy this healthy treat in moderation)

You may decide to spoil your dog this Pancake Day, by decorating their pancakes with their favourite dog treats!


1. Sieve the flour into a bowl, add the egg and water and whisk together.

2. Heat a frying pan to a medium temperature.

3. Using a tablespoon or a ladle, pour your pancake batter into the pan.

5. Cook for 30 seconds on each side.

6. Wait until your pancake is cool, add your toppings and serve!

Tail-wagging Top Tip

Don’t fur-get to adjust the amount of food you give your pooch on Pancake Day so that they don’t over-indulge on this tasty treat.

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Pepper, repawting for taste testing duties

Dog-Friendly Pancakes: The Essentials

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Share the Fun

As you can see, Pepper woofed helping to make (and eat) her dog pancakes.

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to see your culinary creations, so why not give our pancake recipe for dogs a try?

We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this year's Pancake Day with your dog! Please do share your pawsome photos by tagging our handle @yappy_com or using our hashtag #Yappy.

If you’re looking for more dog-friendly recipes, check out our recipe for Dog-Friendly Carrot Pupcakes!

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