How To Plan Fun Play Dates For Dogs

Life post-pandemic has left many dogs lacking the confidence and practise they need in being the happiest dogs they can be, so what better way to get them back out there than with fun doggy play dates?

 Play dates for dogs are a fun and easy way to give your pup an outlet for their energy when they need a run around with a furry friend. Not only are play dates a fantastic way to develop social skills, but the combination of socialisation and exercise is the pawfect recipe for a happy and fulfilled dog.

We’ve created a guide of tips and advice on how to plan the best play dates for your favourite pup!

  1. Why Are Play Dates For Dogs Important?

The element of fun and, of course, play in play date interactions will undoubtedly boost your dog’s health both psychically and mentally. Social enrichment and stimulation are the key elements of what goes into training a dog into a friendly and disciplined companion.

Although at first play dates can be daunting for your dog, to soothe any nerves, we recommend  Yappy's calming supplements, which are veterinarian-formulated calming aids, packed full of natural ingredients to help with anxiety.  


2. It’s A Walk In The Park!

There’s nothing wrong with the classics! As many parks are enclosed spaces, or large enough for a good run around, the park is a fantastic place to host a play date for your pup.

When planning a play date for dogs in the park, knowing exactly how all pups involved like to play is essential. We suggest gathering a group of dogs of similar size, speed and energy. Some interactive toys that they can use together are great additions to bring along, such as our Eight-Shape Tugger Toy, perfect for tug of war and engaging both dogs’ strength and grip.

It’s also important to make sure beforehand that you know if all dogs present are confident on or off the lead. And, if you’re on the market for the right lead and collar for your dog, then browse our range of stylish and practical leads and collars to find the pawfect accessory to make your pup stand out from the crowd. We also have lots of fun bandanas if your pup is a true fashionista.

3. Wooftastic Water Games

A day by the pool is a day well spent, and we know a lot of dogs would agree! Water sports are great fun for pups of every kind; big or small, young or old. Now, if you don’t have access to any beaches or lakes in your area, or perhaps your pup isn’t a very confident swimmer, they can still enjoy themselves in a DIY puppy pool party.

To create your own doggy-friendly waterpark, you’ll simply need a child-size blow-up pool, a hose, and some water-safe toys. We would recommend our Dumbbell Toy as an addition to your pup's play in the pool. Despite its sturdy and durable material, it floats easily in the water and compresses and releases air for safe play. To top it all off, it’s nice and easy to clean.

If you ensure the water depth is safe for all dogs involved, they’ll have an absolute splash! And after your pup has had about as much paddling pool fun as they can handle, why not wrap them up in their own personalised towel? Our huge range of dog towels leaves you plenty of room to find a design just as unique as your pup.

4. Lazy Days

If the weather isn’t on your side, or if you’d rather plan a cosy indoor play date for dogs, there’s plenty you can do to make it a day of fun and bonding for the doggos. Ideally, if it can be done, clearing a whole room for space is a great option for giving the dogs plenty of room to play with less of an opportunity to make a mess.

If you want to make a play date extra special, we suggest pulling out the stops by making a cosy cubby hole blanket fort, and our luxuriously soft personalised blankets are pawfect for making a super snuggly den for the pups to snooze in.

Continuing the soft and cuddly theme, our wide range of soft dog toys has a host of fun characters and shapes. We’ve got you covered, from our cheeky drinks-themed toys like the Buddy Mary Cocktail, and the Paw Ale, to toys that look good enough to eat like the Taco Toy and Hot Dog.


Yappy to Help

We hope you feel inspired to plan fun play dates with dogs! If you have any questions relating to this article or need any support with your order, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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