How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween


Halloween may be a spook-tacular time for us hoomans, but for our furry friends, it can actually be quite stressful. Forget ghosts and ghouls, it’s the sweet bowls, chocolate bars and trick-or-treaters setting off your personal barking alarm that are more cause for concern when you’re a dog owner.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got a few tricks for keeping your dog safe and calm on Halloween.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween 

  1. Keep your dog away from the Halloween sweets

Who doesn’t love a few sweet treats on Halloween? It’s a great opportunity to scoff chocolate eyeballs, sour worm candies and all sorts of spooky sweets! While the worst you can expect is to get a sugar rush followed by a belly ache, these sweet things can be seriously harmful to our canine companions, especially as chocolate is toxic to dogs.

To keep your dog safe on Halloween (and beyond) make sure your sweets are safely out of reach, and if you have children at home, remind them that their sweets are not for sharing with their furry family members. Want to know what other foods are toxic to dogs? Check out our blog post to discover other foods that are poisonous to dogs.

And, if you want to treat your pooch to something they can really sink their teeth into and enjoy, then feast your eyes on Yappy’s range of yummy dog treats!


2. Keep your dog safely inside

If you’re likely to be opening the door frequently to give out sweets to witches, skeletons and other terrifyingly cute creatures who land on your doorstep begging for treats, then it’s wise to keep your dog in a closed-off room to avoid them making a great escape and flying through the front door like a bat out of hell!

  3. Create a chill-out space for your canine

Creating a quiet and safe chill-out space will help to keep your dog safe and calm on Halloween night. Make them feel warm and cosy with blankets and cushions and offer them their favourite dog toys to keep them distracted – whether that’s a comforting plush toy or an interactive toy filled with their favourite treats. You could even play some relaxing music to make their space even more zen and woofly. Alternatively, pop on a Halloween movie at medium volume to block out the noise of trick-or-treaters.

4. Go for pre ‘trick-or-treat’ walkies

If possible, take your pooch out before it gets dark and the gremlins appear! This way you’ll avoid bumping into creatures your canine may be frightened of. Having plenty of exercise during the day will also help to tire your dog out and make them feel calmer throughout the evening.

5. Consider anti-anxiety supplements

While some pooches are outgoing, social, and love to dress up in Halloween outfits and spooktacular bandanas, other canines are prone to feeling anxious about Halloween activities. To help keep your dog calm on Halloween, it’s worth considering offering your pooch anti-anxiety supplements. Yappy’s calming supplements can be eaten like a treat and are a great way to promote calmness, composure, and even make your dog drift off to sleep more easily – perfect for dogs who are more inclined to be spooked by Halloween happenings.


Want to keep your favourite furry companion happy, healthy and fit for all your adventures? Make sure to check out our full range of natural dog supplements. From calming soft bites to probiotics and multivitamin chews, our supplements for dogs have been expertly developed to take care of your beloved pooch and keep their tail a’ wagging!

Happy Howl-o-ween from Yappy!

We hope you and your canine companions have a safe and Yappy Halloween.

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