Dressing Up Your Dog: How to Tell If They’re Having Fun

Have you ever dressed up your dog? Maybe you’re wondering whether they’re having as much fun as you are. There are no rules against dressing up your dog, as long as you ensure their comfort and happiness is your number one priority.

Dressing up your dog can be great fun for everybody! You can capture adorable photos of your pooch, all dressed up, and share them with your friends and family. So, what’s not to enjoy?

Dust up your photography skills with our top tips on how to capture the perfect shot, as featured in our Dog Photography Blog!

There is no one who knows your dog better than you, so before you decide to dress them up, always consider whether you think they’ll enjoy it.

If your dog is timid and shies away from attention, then they may feel uncomfortable being dressed up and having all eyes on them.

Whereas, if you know your dog has a confident and sassy temperament, they may lavish in the extra attention!

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Top Tips to Make Sure Your Dog is Happy Dressing Up

1)    Ensure your dog’s clothes aren’t restricting

If your dog’s clothing is too tight, they will feel uncomfortable, and this is something you want to avoid. Browse our furvourite fashion accessories for your dog - treat them to their very own Personalised Bandana!

Why not use our helpful size guide to measure them and find the pawfect fit?

2)    Always be cautious of your dog overheating

This is more of a risk during the summer months, especially for dogs with thicker coats and those who suffer with breathing difficulties.

Keep your pooch hydrated with some of our refreshing Dog Beers which are now back in stock after high demand!

3)    Gradually introduce clothing to your dog

If your dog is unsure with dressing up but seems intrigued, introduce clothing to them slowly and over time they may start to become more comfortable.

It’s a great idea to reward them with a Dog Toy and play with them, so they associate this positive reinforcement with dressing up.

4)    Always aim to minimise the risk of injury to your dog

A good example is to check their collar won’t get caught whilst dressing them up.

Our range of Personalised Dog Collars offer a quick buckle release and can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit.

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When dressing up your dog, it’s important to put their needs first. If you notice a sudden change in their behaviour and they start to become anxious, then you should stop it immediately.

 Learning to understand when your dog is happy will help you recognise when they’re unhappy and scared, considering this before dressing them up is very important. 

Behavioural Signs Your Dog Is Enjoying Themselves Whilst Dressing Up

  • They’re acting calm and not being disruptive

  • They don’t try to remove their clothing

  • Their ears are pointing forward

  • Their eyes may start to close slightly – this is a sign they’re relaxed

Positive reinforcements are an excellent way to reward your dog for displaying good behaviour whilst dressing up.

Our delicious selection of Dog Treats are a yummy way to reward your pup!

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Dressing Up Isn’t Just a Good Photo Opportunity

Dressing your dog in an outfit or a bandana doesn’t always have to be for entertainment purposes, there are often more benefits.

For example, if your dog has shorter fur, then during the winter months they may appreciate wearing a coat to keep them warm.

Also, dressing your dog in high visibility clothing can offer an excellent safety precaution if you’re taking them on walks when it’s dark outside.

Our ‘Give Me Space’ Bandana the perfect choice if your dog is more prone to experiencing anxiety and likes to keep their distance.

We would love to see your dogs in action – please feel free to tag us in your favourite photos of your dogs dressed up! We can’t wait to see them.

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