What Do Dogs Dream About? Dog Sleeping Habits Explained

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably found yourself gazing lovingly at your pup when they’re fast asleep and thinking, do dogs dream? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about your pup on all sorts of fun adventures as you imagine what your dog is dreaming about.

Just like humans, your dog’s sleeping habits can reveal a lot about their health and happiness. Keep reading to discover what your dog’s adorable sleeping positions mean and everything to do with dogs dreaming. Rest assured, this post is no snooze fest!

Dogs and Dreaming

Your dog’s sleeping positions explained

Stretched out on their bed, curled up on the sofa under a blanket or sound asleep on their side, dogs can fall asleep in lots of funny and adorable positions. But what do these positions mean? Scroll down to find your dog’s favourite sleeping position and uncover the endearing meanings behind them.

The Lion’s Pose


The lion’s pose is when your dog sleeps with their head on top of their paws, and they may even tuck their paws in and rest their back legs on the side.


When your dog is in this position, the chances are they’re just resting and not in a deep sleep. This resting pose means they can jump up quickly, ready to protect or play!

On Their Side


On their side with their legs extended is arguably the most popular position for dogs to be in when they sleep. While many pooches drift off in the Lion’s Pose, as they fall into deeper sleep they tend to slump onto their side.

If your dog sleeps on their side with their legs outstretched, you may have noticed more twitching and leg kicks as your pup falls into a deeper sleep. These running actions have probably led you to question if dogs dream, and what your dog is dreaming about!


Pups who snooze in this position tend to be relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. As your pup has their belly exposed, this means that they feel safe and comfortable.

Dogs that love to sleep on their side benefit from a dog bed that offers them room to stretch out.



This sleeping position is aptly named the superman for good reason! With your dog sprawled out on their belly with their back legs behind them and their front legs stretched forward, they look like they’re about to fight canine crime in their sleep.


This position is very common among puppies and playful pooches, and it’s often the position dogs fall asleep in once they’ve tired themselves out from lots of playtime.

Belly Up


With their belly proudly on display and their paws in the air, this sleeping position is certainly cute, but it might make you think, are you actually comfortable?


Don’t worry, dogs who fall asleep with their belly exposed means they’re loving, trusting, and fully comfortable in their surroundings. Dogs might also sleep in this position when they’re trying to keep cool.

Curled Up


Also known as the ‘doughnut’ position, this is when your dog curls up with all their limbs tucked up cosily to their body.


When your dog is all tucked up like this, it could mean they’re trying to keep warm and cosy, however, it could mean they’re feeling slightly anxious – this position is especially common among dogs in a new environment.

To help keep your canine cosy, why not give your dog the sleep of their dreams with a dog blanket? Here are four reasons why your pup could benefit from a cosy blanket.



As the name suggests, this adorable sleeping position is when your dog loves being snuggled up with you or another pet.


If your dog loves to be cuddled, this is a clear sign of them bonding and showing their love. With a desire for closeness, this position means you’ve got a very affectionate and loving pup on your hands (and probably on your bed)!

Back to Back


Similar to the cuddling sleeping position, this position is when your dog snuggles in close and places their back to you or another pet.


With a desire to be close when they fall asleep, this position is a way for your pup to show love, affection and intimacy with the one they’re snoozing next to.



Burrowers enjoy finding anything they can get their paws on to sleep under, whether it’s a pile of washing, cushions, or a blanket.


When your dog burrows, they’re seeking a “security blanket” that will make them feel protected. These pups often require lots affection and attention to drift off to sleep. 

If your dog loves to burrow, having their own blanket will help to make them feel extra cosy. 

Head Raised


Does your dog like to lie with their head and neck raised on a pillow, a cushion or their dog bed? They may be seeking extra leverage to help their breathing.


A pup that likes to have their head raised while they sleep may be having difficulty breathing properly. If you notice that your dog is breathing noisily, has a faster breathing rate or is unable to exercise as they usually do, it’s best to contact your vet for further guidance.

Do dogs dream? Your dog’s sleeping behaviours explained

When your dog drifts off to sleep, you may notice they start to twitch, snore or even move their legs as if they’re running! These behaviours are very common, and they can indicate the quality of sleep your pup is experiencing.

What do dogs dream about?

Do dogs dream? In short, yes, they do! Your dog’s brain processes events from the day while they sleep. So, while we can’t have a deep discussion with our dogs about their dreams and meanings, we can assume they’re dreaming about walks in the park and the tasty treats they had that day. 


Have you noticed your dog sleeping on their side and then suddenly their paws start to move as if they’re running? This probably dreaming of chasing squirrels! This action is typically in response to a dream they’re having.


When dogs are dreaming and moving through sleep stages, they’re likely to move about a bit and twitch, much like humans do.


Snoring is common among canines with breathing issues and especially dogs with short noses – such as boxers and pugs.

What do dogs dream about? A cosy night’s sleep!

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