Bigfoot or Bigpaw? New Images Spark Debate

Legend has always portrayed Bigfoot as a towering ape-like creature, but Yappy’s Dog Expert believes there’s something fur-miliar about the newfound images…


We’re all aware of Bigfoot, right?

It was over sixty years ago that Bigfoot first stomped into the public eye. “Giant footprints puzzle residents”, announced the headline of a Northern Californian newspaper, alongside a report about the findings of humanlike footprints measuring a whopping 16 inches long.

The attention and imagination of the public were grabbed after that first headline, and there have been many alleged sightings, photos, and video footage of the mysterious large and hairy creature since.

You’re probably familiar with one photo, which is a still taken from film footage:

Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin Film from 1967

However, the discovery of two new images of this mysterious creature has sparked debate as to whether the legendary figure should be known as Bigpaw, rather than Bigfoot.

In response to these findings, Dog Expert and Founder of discusses the similarities with a furry friend a bit closer to home.

“The wiry hair, long legs and strong sturdy body are all characteristics of an Irish Wolfhound. They’re the tallest dog breed in the world and on their hind legs, they can reach an impressive height of 7ft!”

“Looking at the original photo, it’s possible that this was a particularly large Irish Wolfhound, and they may have been walking on their hind legs due to injuring their front paws. Because of their harsh, long wiry coat, it would be easy to confuse this big dog with a hairy mythical creature.”

It’s certainly one hypothesis.

Here are the newfound photos so you can make your own mind up:

Bigpaw, is that you?

New photo evidence certainly makes you paws for thought.

So, was the original footage docked? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Irish Wolfhounds: The BFGs of the Dog World

While Irish Wolfhounds may look imposing, they’re really big friendly giants. In fact, they tend to make hopeless guard dogs as they’re not suspicious of strangers – they’d much rather befriend everyone instead!

We like to think Bigpaw would look fur-bulous strutting around wearing one of our gorgeous bandanas (in size large) or wrapped up in a snuggly soft blanket to keep them cosy.

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