The Best Dog Gifts for Movie Lovers

The pawfect way to celebrate Star Paws day… and beyond!

These dog-themed gifts for film lovers are the reel deal! From Star Paws to Harry Pawter, discover cute and funny film parody dog gifts that will get 5-star woofviews from dog lovers and film fanatics.

Whether you’re looking for a dog dad gift, dog mum gift, or a birthday present for a dog lover, these personalised gifts are sure to delight dog owners, film lovers, and their furry friends too. Keep reading to discover all about our fantastic movie-themed personalised gifts for dog lovers.

Lights, camera, action!

Movie Parody Gifts Starring Your Dog

At Yappy, we have a range of gifts for film lovers, ranging in style and design just for you or your loved ones. Each gift is made from high-quality materials and can be personalised for over 300 dog breeds, from adorable dog bandanas to stunning framed wall art, as well as blankets and mugs.

Simply scroll down to read our guide to gifts for film lovers to find your favourite film spoof design, and personalise your gift to make your dog the star.

Star Paws Dog Gifts

These Star Paws gifts are out of this world! Celebrate on May the 4th and beyond with gifts that’ll have every dog lover starry-eyed. These gifts are a great way to geek out with your dog.

Best Dog Dad in the Galaxy: Dog Photo Mug

Let him know he’s the best dog dad in the galaxy with this unique Star Paws mug! Upload your dog’s photo, add their dad’s name, and let the force do the rest. Every dog dad who’s a fan of the Star Paws franchise will be delighted to sip from this starry mug.

Star Paws Dog Bandanas

These personalised dog bandanas are sure to be a big hit with every dog and dog owner who loves everything Star Paws. The only question is, is your dog more likely to “use the paws” to get what they want (like belly rubs and treats), or join the bark side?

Easy to tie and comfortable for your pooch, these Star Paws bandanas are a fun accessory for your dog, plus they’re a lightweight alternative to a dog outfit or costume.

Be sure to check out our Use the Paws bandana and Join the Bark Side bandana.

Harry Pawter Dog Gifts

These Harry Pawter gifts will bewitch every dog lover who’s mutts about magic. From enchanting dog bandanas to spellbindingly soft throw blankets, each gift is personalised especially for your dog, including their Dogwarts house colours! Choose between Gryffindog, Ravenpaw, Slobberin, and Hufflewoof designs.

These high-quality Harry Pawter bandanas are cute, affordable, and made from lightweight yet durable materials which will endure every magical adventure your dog goes on.

Simply click the images below to check out our bewitching bandanas.

Dogwarts: Personalised Dog Throw Blanket

This super-soft blanket is made from lightweight fleece material to keep you and your dog cosy on cooler nights and provide you with snuggly comfort when you’re watching films together.

Super Dog Gifts

Super Dog Bandanas

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… It’s your super dog! Our super dog bandanas are made especially for incredible pups. Just imagine how amazing your dog will look when they’re zooming around the park in their super bandana?

Your dog is super. So, why not let everyone else know? Our super dog bandanas can be personalised with your dog’s initial to make them extra special. Plus, they’re perfect for photo opportunities (when your dog isn’t flying off on their next adventure).

Super Dog Dad: Photo Upload Mug

This vibrant mug is a thoughtful way to let a dog dad know he’s super. Featuring a high-quality photo of his dog, it’ll make him smile with every sip.

Batdog Dog Gifts

Batdog: Personalised Dog Bandana

For fans of Batdog, this dog bandana is a fun way to transform your pup into a caped canine. Your dog will look super cool as they zoom around wearing this fun fashion accessory.

Your Dog in Movie Poster Wall Art

This stunning collection of framed wall art is inspired by popular blockbuster films, with your dog as the lead star. These cinematic poster-style prints will impress every dog lover who likes to watch films with their furry friend.

With options to add your dog’s icon, silhouette and name, these eye-catching prints are complete with high-quality frames, ready to add a splash of colour and pawsome style to any wall in your home.

Paws: Personalised Dog Framed Print

Jaws will drop when guests see this wall art on display! Add your dog’s icon to make them the lead character in the blockbuster Paws.

Jurassic Bark: Personalised Dog Framed Print

Welcome to Jurassic Bark. Featuring a dark cinematic background, plus your dog’s silhouette and name, this print will look amazing in every canine kingdom.

Rock of Pride: Personalised Dog Framed Print

We know dog owners have great pride for their dogs, and this print is a beautiful way to share that sentiment. This sunny print will give off good vibes wherever it’s displayed.

Dogzilla: Personalised Dog Wall Art

One dog will fetch… Dogzilla. This print features your dog’s silhouette emerging through a misty city scene to create a cinematic masterpiece that’ll make an impact on any wall.

Barkwatch: Personalised Dog Wall Art

This Barkwatch print is a splashing way to add sun, sea, sand, and seriously cool beach dog vibes to your home.


That’s a Wrap!

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our pawsome collection of personalised gifts for dog lovers, for film fanatics, and their furry friends.

Shopping for gifts for movie lovers can be a challenge but with our helpful guide of personalised gifts for dog lovers and film lovers alike, Yappy will be your one stop shop for any occasion.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift to treat a dog mum, then check out our ultimate gift guide for dog mums, it’s bursting with cute and thoughtful gifts that she’ll cherish fur-ever, especially as they star her fur baby. And, if you’re wondering what to get a dog walker, walk this way for our gift guide for dog walkers!

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