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Personalised Bengal Clocks

Enter your cat's name, select an icon and you'll instantly see EVERYTHING personalised just for your Bengal...

Time to shop our great collection of personalised Bengal clocks!

We know that time with your Bengal is your favourite, so we’ve designed a furbulous range of personalised Bengal wall clocks so you can let everyone else know! 

Whether you’re looking for a bright and bold design to make a feature of a wall, or you prefer a funny quote or motto to live your life by, all of our clocks are made extra special by featuring your Bengal! Simply choose the Bengal icon that looks most like your kitty to personalise your clock. 

A stunning Bengal wall clock makes a wonderful gift to a proud Bengal owner; it’s sure to make them grin like a Cheshire Cat each time they check the time! 

Complete in a beautiful beech frame, each clock is 12” in diameter and set behind premium glass pane. They also feature a silent sweeping second hand (ideal if ticking clocks drive you cuckoo) and an integrated hook for flush, easy hanging. 

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