These are the most spoiled dog breeds in America this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

‘Tis the season for gift-giving - and no four legged friend gets left behind – especially in America. Americans are known for going all out around the holidays with pet gifts galore and this year Cyber Monday and Black Friday are expected to approach $12 billion and $10 billion in eCommerce sales, respectively.

This got us thinking: how many Americans spoil their pets during the holidays and what gifts are dogs getting this year?

So, we surveyed 1,003 pet owners in the United States to find out: what lengths are Americans willing to go to ensure their furry friends are included in holiday celebrations? Do certain breeds get spoiled more than others? Is “man’s best friend” just a vanity title? Read on to find out…

Key Findings:  

●      85.5% of Americans’ are planning to get a gift for their dogs this holiday season - Christmas is the most popular holiday for gifting

●      Rottweilers are the most spoiled breed with owners spending over $30 more than mixed breed owners

●      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners spend more on their dog than their best friends

Holiday Spending & Traditions: Pet Edition

From Christmas to Hanukkah, to their Birthday (or “Gotcha Day”), which holidays and celebrations ensure that dogs receive the most love?  

Our study found that 78% of American dog owners go the length to ensure there's a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. The second most popular day a dog receives a gift is their birthday. Not too shabby, right?

When it comes to holiday traditions, nearly half of all dog owners hang a stocking for their dog.

Some other fun traditions that people include their dog in are Christmas Card Photos (23%), Holiday Travel (17%), and dressing them in holiday pajamas (12%)! Though not common, 1% of Americans even say they have their pup write a letter to Santa Claus (or should we say Santa Paws!)


With over 4 in 5 people giving a gift to their dog this holiday season, here are the top gift dogs are receiving this year.

While Toys, treats, and puzzles rank in the top three for most popular holiday gifts, 1 in 10 pet parents opt for personalized gifts, like books and board games for their companion.

And the most spoiled breed goes to…

Rottweilers, Poodles, and French Bulldogs are the most spoiled breeds during the winter holidays. In fact, Rottweiler owners spend, on average, $34.55 more than those who own a Mixed Breed dog.

We went on to analyze whether or not each state had a “most spoiled” breed. As it turns out, you might spend more on gifts for certain breeds over others, depending on where you live.

Even though they came in as the least spoiled overall, mixed breeds are spoiled the most in Oregon, New Mexico, and Michigan.

Battle Of The Besties: FUR-ever friends vs. Best Friends?

We all know the saying that dogs are “man’s best friend”, but just how true is this sentiment when it comes to giving gifts?

Some people’s dogs are outranking their best friends regarding holiday gift-giving. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners spent over $15 more on their dogs. Pug owners spend nearly 2x more on their dogs than their best friends. 

Other interesting findings from the data:

●      Millennials spend 23% more on their dogs than Baby Boomers.

●      Owners who said their dog was on the naughty list this year spent, on average, 5.8% more on their pup than the ones who said their dog was on the nice list.

●      Millennials are spoiling their dogs the most, buying the most amount of gifts for their dogs compared to anyone else we surveyed. (51% of all gifts bought).

●      Not all pets are created equal - Dog owners who also own a cat spend 10.9% more on their dog than their cat during the holidays.

Happy Paw-lidays!

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family. Whether you are a new pet owner or have had a beloved furry friend for years, pets are just as much a part of the family and are involved in many holiday traditions. If you didn’t already know, dogs love gifts! So, get your dog something special for the holidays this year.


We surveyed 1,003 American Pet Owners. Among them, 50% were women, 48% were men, 2% were non-binary. 38% were married, 35% were single, 17% were cohabiting with a significant other or in a domestic partnership, 7% were divorced, 1% were widowed, 1% were separated.

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