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Trailhound Breed Summary

Independent, Affectionate, Loyal and Playful

Trailhounds, like all hounds, have an independent streak, and may try to go off following their noses, given the opportunity. They have little or no road sense, however, these poochies are quick to learn. Many settle in to their new home very quickly but for others, it takes a little longer. They may be insecure about being left alone at first. Hounds have the ability to jump very high obstacles if they choose to.

Kennel Club Group N/A
Lifespan 15 - 16 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 48cm - 61cm
Weight Males and Females 29kg - 34kg
Coat Short and Waterproof
Colour White, Black, Brown and Caramel
Eye colour Brown
Other Names Lakeland Trailhound

Trail hounds have wonderful temperaments and are very affectionate and loyal. They are friendly towards other pets and children. They adapt quickly to indoor life and soon discover the warmest, cosiest spot in the house.

They are friendly, playful and lots of fun. Many people who adopt a trailie say they will never have another breed. A lot of owners go on to get a second hound.

Trail hounds look similar to foxhounds but are leaner in build. They were originally bred from foxhounds and other breeds to get a faster hound with a good nose. Various out-crosses were tried many years ago before the present type evolved, including pointer, harrier and sheepdog. Nowadays, only a foxhound is very occasionally bred with a trail hound.

These hounds are the athletes of the dog world and have been bred for speed for many years. The sport of Hound Trailing in Cumbria has been going on for around 200 years and is still keenly followed by members of the Hound Trailing Association. The hounds follow a scent of aniseed mixed with paraffin for up to 10 miles and they run over fields and fells, jumping over stone walls and wire fences. At the end of the race, their owner is there, shouting and whistling the hound in, and waving a container which contains their favourite food.