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Pug Shampoo

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Pug Shampoo

Pamper your pug with our selection of Pug shampoo, perfect for banishing any unwanted odours from your pooch’s coat. Our Pug dog shampoo even has a personalised label, featuring yours truly.

Our shampoo is specially formulated to be effective but gentle so bath times aren't a drama. With something for every coat type and both liquid and bar soap options to choose from, your pooch will be ready for cuddles again in no time.

Discover the best shampoo for your Pug at Yappy today.

The Luxury Pug Pampering Experience

Transform your Pug from shaggy to shiny with our deeply conditioning Pug shampoos. Our shampoo contains a built-in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5 to smooth out any knots from your pup's fur and to remove dirt and odour without stripping the essential oils from their coat. 

To ensure your Pug is looking their very best, we’ve put together a range of the best shampoos for Pugs to pamper your pooch with. From deeply conditioning Pug shampoos to our sweet-smelling lavender Soap Bar, your Pug’s coat will be beautifully healthy and shiny in no time.

Look Furbulous with our Grooming Accessories

Follow up your shampooing session with grooming time! Your Pug will look and feel fabulous with our range of grooming accessories.

Target any dead and loose hairs with a Palm Grooming Brush, or avoid muddy shake-offs after bath time in this adorable Towelling Robe for your Pug.

Well-presented Pugs will love our deodorising Pug Cologne and Fragrance, available in four tail-wagging scents! 

Treat your Pug with our Fun Toys

Spoil your Pug with our selection of fun dog toys, featuring soft plush designs and tuggers - great for healthy teeth and gums! Well-behaved pooches will love this Let’s Chew It box, crammed with toys and treats including a Squeaker Sneaker Toy and delicious dog biscuits.

With numerous bright and colourful designs in our collection, you'll definitely be able to find a toy to treat your Pug with!