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Powderpuff Chinese Crested Breed Summary

Needy, Affectionate, Sweet, Alert and Playful

Although their name may suggest it, these guys don’t actually come from China! It’s more likely that their descendants are the African or Mexican Hairless dogs and then later reduced in size in China. It’s thought that they originally assisted Chinese Sailors on their trips across the sea, around the 1530s. They were used to hunt vermin both during and between the age of the bubonic plague. Once the plague arrived in Europe, it was thought to have killed between 30%-60% of the continent’s population! And the doggies during this time also managed to make their way to Europe – relatively plague-free! The Chinese believed that these guys also had magical healing powers and were often kept by Emperors as well. 

Lifespan 13 - 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 28cm - 33cm
Weight Males and Females 2kg - 6kg
Coat Medium length soft and silky double coat
Colour Brown, White, Fawn, Grey or Black
Eye colour Brown
Other Names Crested, Puff, Curtis

Many other websites and books will describe this breed as friendly. We however, aren’t as convinced by the context of ‘friendly’ when describing these doggies, unless that is they start smiling when they’ve done something naughty! A smiling Chinese Crested = mess and destruction. However, they are incredibly needy doggies and will often try to follow you around like a shadow and want to snuggle in with you at bedtime. Their neediness means that they are prone to separation anxiety, so they will need someone to be around with them for most of the day. Just make sure to socialise and train your Chinese Crested's as young as you can, as they are not fans of strangers and can even bite! However, once training is done and dusted, they can make fantastic pets and can even live in apartments.

The Chinese Crested is believed to have descended from African dogs called "African Hairless Terriers." Chinese explorers discovered this breed, brought it back to China and bred it for smaller size. By the 16th century explorers could find this dog not only in Asia and Africa, but in Central and South America as well. The Chinese Crested became popular in Europe in the 19th century and in America by the early 20th. The famous entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee kept a Chinese Crested for a pet in the 1950's, and helped to make the breed even more well-known.