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Portuguese Podengo Breed Summary

Energetic, Alert, Lively, Intelligent and Friendly

These doggies are actually the National Dog of Portugal and considered a real treasure to the country. They come in three separates sizes, small, medium and large, but only the small size is recognised by the Kennel Club. Originally, they were bred to get rid of vermin, hunt and to protect the home. However they are also excellent around children and make very good pets as well.

They are very sturdy in build and are often a little bit longer in the body than they are tall! Unfortunately, they are fairly rare within the UK though popularity is slowly starting to rise. For this reason, anyone wanting to share a home with one of these guys would need to register their interest with a breeder.

Fun Fact: They have been around since the 15th century!

Kennel Club Group Hound
Lifespan 10 - 12 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 20cm - 30cm
Weight Males and Females 4kg - 5kg
Coat Two Varieties. Smooth Coated Dogs have Dense, Short Hair. Wirehair Coated Dogs have Rougher, Harsh Coats with No Undercoat
Colour Black & Tan, Black & White, Dark Fawn, Dark Fawn & White, Fawn, Fawn & White, Grey, Light Fawn & White, White & Fawn, Yellow, Yellow & White
Eye colour Light Brown or Dark Brown
Common health issues Epilepsy, Luxating patellar, Legge Perthes disease (femoral head necrosis), Seizures, Brain tumour, Cryptorchidism, Hydrocephalus, Inguinal Hernias, Hypothyroidism, Allergies, Corneal Ulcer, Cherry Eye , Distichiasis, Ear Infections, Aural Haematoma, Overshot/undershot Jaw
Other Names Podengo, Podengo Portugues. Portuguese Warren Hound

These little guys are known for their love of the outdoors and high energy levels. For this reason, they would best suit a family who already lead an active lifestyle that they can easily slot into. Additionally, they are very alert doggies and will let their owners know if they see or hear something unusual, meaning they make great watch dogs! They are not the best breed for first time owners as they must be handled and trained correctly and need to be with someone who has experience with similar breeds. Additionally, if they see something interesting or became distracted, they are not very good at recalling commands! However, they form very strong relationships with their owners and love to be included in all sorts of family activities!

These doggies are thought to be descendants of the ancient Pharaoh hounds, who served the Ancient Egyptians! It's thought they were probably taking to many Mediterranean and African Countries by Phoenician Traders around the time of 700 BC. They soon became highly prized hunting dogs and were fantastic at chasing down and catching rabbits. It's therefore no surprise that their name Podengo translates to rabbit hunter! Portuguese Podengos have been in Portugal since the 15th century, loved as both companion and family dogs. They have since become popular over a lot of the world and were introduced to the UK in 2003. However, few puppies are born here, so if you want to share a home with one of these doggies, you will need to be put on a waiting list.