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Pharaoh Hound Breed Summary

Independent, Energetic, Athletic, Loving and Loyal

These doggies are discussed as being one of the oldest breeds in the world! In terms of their appearance they are very elegant and noble which has helped them to become a very popular breed. Additionally, they are also very loyal and friendly doggies which has also helped them to become firm favourites as family pets.

They are very energetic and need to be kept busy otherwise they will get bored which can lead to destructive behaviour. For this reason, they are not the best choice for first time owners and need to be handled by someone who has experience of the breed. Additionally, they do better when at least one person is at home for most of the day as they are prone to getting a little lonely!

Fun Fact: They are said to blush and smile when they are happy!

Kennel Club Group Hound
Lifespan 12 - 14 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 56cm - 63cm, Females 53cm - 61cm
Weight Males and Females 20kg - 25 kg
Coat Coats are Short and Glossy. They Vary and can be Anything from Quite Fine to having a Harsher Feel
Colour Rich Tan, Tan, Tan & White Markings
Eye colour Amber
Common health issues Hip dysplasia, Luxating Patellas, Eye problems, Skin Allergies, Bloat/gastric torsion
Other Names Kelb tal-Fenek (Rabbit Dog)

These ancient dogs are known for being both very independent but forming extremely strong bonds with their hoomans. They really love to be around people and also get along well with children as well. However, they are extremely high energy and so would therefore suit a family who already lead a fairly active lifestyle that that can easily slot into. For this reason, they aren't the best choice for a first time owner, and need someone who has experience with similar breeds and knows how to handle and train them. They are also very quick to get bored and so need lots of daily physical and mental stimulation in order to remain happy. However, for the right family they have the potential to make fantastic pets!

Pharaoh Hounds are thought to be one of the oldest and most ancient breeds in the world, with records dating back to Ancient Egyptian times! It's not a surprise that over time their history has become a little bit of a blur, although artefacts have been found across many Ancient Egyptian Tombs and also in hieroglyphs on walls depicting a very similar hound. In the 1950s remains of a similar dog were found in Queen Her-Neith's tomb in Saqqara. It's thought they were introduced to Malta by Phoenicians when they occupied the island in 1,000 BC! Although originally from Egypt, they were developed in Malta and have since become the national dog of Malta, remaining highly prized by many farmers on the Island because of their fantastic hunting abilities. It was in 1963 that a lady called Pauline Block, who lived on Malta, purchased a Pharaoh Hound and bought it back with her to England. After importing another hound, she became the first breeder of the dog in the UK. However, they still remain fairly rare in the UK, and anyone wanting to share their home with this ancient doggy would have to go onto a waiting list.