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Mixed Breed Breed Summary

'A Dog Need Not Be A Purebred To Be Pure Of Heart'

Mixed-Breed dogs, mongrels, hybrid, cross-breeds, whatever you want to call them, are doggies that are not officially recognised breeds. They are unintentional crosses between breeds and are also thought to have less hereditary and genetic health problems than other 'pure-bred' dogs. Sometimes, it's easy to tell which breeds are in your dogs DNA, simply by looking at them! A lot of mixed breeds will resemble other breeds that are physically recognisable, such as shorter legs, like a Dachshunds, or Terrier-shaped faces.

Up until recently, a lot of dog shows excluded Mixed-Breeds from taking part in competitions. This is still present in Dog Conformtation Shows that base their winner purely on appearance, as a dog would normally be judged against a breed standard, which unfortunately, unregistered doggies do not have. However, the ever-prestigious Dog Show, Crufts, now operates a competition called 'Scruffts', which is just for mixed breeds, showing a change for the better!