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Lurcher Breed Summary

Energetic, Fast, Affectionate and Sociable

These dogs are crossbreeds, typically their parents are Terriers, Collies or Sheepdogs crossed with Greyhounds. They are often described as being all-purpose hunting dogs but also make lovely companions.

Their immense popularity in the UK is down to their adaptability; they are just as happy relaxing in their family homes as they are running around in a field! Unfortunately, they are not yet recognised by the Kennel Club, but at the end of the day, you will have a loving dog, and that's all that really matters!

Fun Fact: They are very cunning thieves and will swipe at any food that you may have left out!

Lifespan 12 - 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 55cm - 71cm
Weight Males and Females 27kg - 32kg
Coat They can have either Fine and Close Coats or, they can have Rough, Coarse Coats or Smoother Ones (Dependent on Parent Breeds)
Colour Black, White, Red, Blue, Fawn, Fallow, Brindle
Eye colour Dark
Common health issues Bloat, Heart problems, Bone cancer, A sensitivity to anaesthetic and certain drugs, Ivermectin sensitivity, Sodium pentothal anaesthetic sensitivity, Eye issues, Hypothyroidism, Muscle and foot injuries, Torn toenails

Lurchers are well known for their calm and affectionate ways; however, they can become very timid or aggressive if not trained properly. It is therefore vital to start training and socialising these pups from a young age to stop any unsavoury personality characteristics from developing. Because they are built to run, you will need a high and strong fence to stop your pooch from running into roads or other busy areas. Needless to say, these dogs are not happy if solely kept outside, but would rather be inside with the attention of their families where they can be sociable and warm. This breed loves to go on long walks, so it’s vital they get exercise every day and also the opportunity to run free in a large, safe and enclosed area so they can release some energy!

The Lurcher is the result of crossbreeding a Sighthound and a Herding or Terrier breed and it is thought that this came about due to bans on some hounds, such as Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds. As a result, many people crossed the breeds to avoid legal problems. Essentially, they were bred to produce a Sighthound that was both intelligent and fast, making them able to poach small mammals, such as rabbits and hares. To this day, the breed is predominantly a working dog and can also often be seen being raced.