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Lachon Breed Summary

Happy, Energetic, Intelligent and Loving

The Lachon is a hybrid breed where the Bichon Frise is crossed with the Lhasa Apso. Dogs of this hybrid are small, weighing between 3 and 9 kilograms and typically intelligent. They can be stubborn while being loving towards their humans. Typically happy and energetic, the Lachon also loves to cuddle. While these dogs will not shed heavily, a moderate amount of maintenance is required as his fur has a tendency to get tangled or matted. Regular brushing will keep this from becoming a problem.

Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 25cm – 45cm
Weight Males and Females 3.5kg – 9kg
Coat Long, Wavy Coat
Colour White, Brown, Black and Cream
Eye colour Brown or Blue
Common health issues Hip Dysplasia, Kidney Problems

The Lachon is a smart dog who can be stubborn as well as very loving. Typically, a dog of this hybrid will have a lot of energy and an outgoing personality. They are eager to please and enjoy learning how to perform tricks soaking up the attention he gets when showing them off. Even with his energy, the Lachon loves to cuddle with his humans. The Lachon may bark at strangers and may struggle with other dogs or pets unless socialised early.

A mixed breed or a hybrid dog, the Lachon is a part of a trend in what are called designer dogs. These kinds of dogs have surged in popularity over the last couple of decades and they often have a name blending the two breeds together.