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Jug Breed Summary

Devoted, Loving, Intelligent, Energetic and Adaptable

These little guys are crosses between Jack Russell Terriers and Pugs. They are a relatively new breed on the scene and were thought to have been originally bred back during the 60's. They have since become a very popular dog and have found their way into many homes and hearts across the world!

As they are relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming, they are a relatively low-cost breed, which is great for those wanting a new family addition without the hidden costs! Additionally, they absolutely love 'hooman' attention and love to be involved in all aspects of home life.

Fun Fact: Jugs vary greatly in appearance, so you can be sure to have a very unique looking dog!

Lifespan 12 - 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 25cm - 36cm
Weight Males and Females 5kg - 7kg
Coat Some Have Smooth Coats. Others May Have Rough or Broken Coats Depending on the Parent Breed
Colour Black, Black and tan, Brown, Caramel, Silver, White
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Cardiomyopathy, Hydrocephaly, Cryptochidism, Von Willebrand's Disease, Primary lens luxation (PLL), Late Onset Ataxia (LOA), Canine Spinocerebella Ataxia, Patellar luxation, Allergies, Breathing problems, Hemivertebrae, Skin disorders, Inflamed corneas, Eye infections, Lens luxation, Deafness, Obesity, Hernias
Other Names Jack Pug and Pug Russell

The best things come in small packages, and these dogs really are no exception! Jugs are extremely devoted and loving towards their 'hoomans' and will do anything they can to please you! From their Jack Russell parent, they get their high intelligence and energy, this can mean that they need to be kept fairly active every day and may need a bit more exercise than the average small dog. They are also the perfect sized-dog to live in an apartment, small house, or busy area and are fairly adaptable to different lifestyles! They are a very social breed and love to be around and play with children, adults and potentially other family pets as well. Just watch out for their slightly feistier sides. It's really vital they are set ground rules as pups to avoid any un-wanted behaviour and to teach them that they are definitely not the biggest dog in the world, although they may think this!

The Jug is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug and is also sometimes referred to as a Pug Russell! They are relatively new dogs on the block and are being added to an ever-growing list of new 'hybrid' pooches. Pugs have been around for quite some time, dating back to 400 B.C. and the Jack Russell terrier breed have in the past, been highly-regarded hunting dogs. As a result, this new hybrid has inherited many of their parents' attributes and characteristics, although it does vary from puppy to puppy. It's thought they were first bred in the 1960's in America and they have since become a very popular choice.