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Hungarian Puli Breed Summary

Intelligent, Energetic, Devoted, Loyal and Happy

The Hungarian Puli is a very distinctive and unique looking dogs! They were originally bred in Hungary to herd livestock, often working in harsh environments. For this reason, they were bred to have thickly corded coats that offered protection to them from the elements!

Nowadays, they have gained huge amounts of popularity, both as companion and family dogs over many parts of the world, including here in the UK! They have very energetic, playful and trusting personalities which makes them the perfect addition to any family.

Fun Fact: The plural of Puli is Pulik!

Kennel Club Group Pastoral
Lifespan 9 - 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 40cm - 44cm, Females 37cm - 41cm
Weight Males 13kg - 15kg, Females 10kg - 13kg
Coat Coats are Very Thick and Dense. They are also Heavily Corded though Free from Felting and Matting
Colour Black, Fawn, Grey, White
Eye colour Dark Brown
Common health issues Hip Dysphasia, Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD), Congenital deafness, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Degenerative myelopathy, Cataracts
Other Names America Pulik, Puli

These dogs are known for their very intelligent characters, which in turn means that they are relatively easy to train and are good for first-time owners. On top of this, they are also very high-spirited with lots of energy to burn! For this reason, they will need plenty of walks and exercise. They form extremely strong bonds with their families, in particular, one person (mainly the one that feeds them!), and are often referred to as 'one man' dogs. They are fairly wary of strangers but will rarely show any sign of aggression which means that they can make good watchdogs. For the right family, they have the potential to make fantastic pets and the ability to provide you with years of happiness!

The origins surrounding the Hungarian Puli still remains much of a mystery! However, it is thought that they came to Europe via the Magyar Tribes in the 9th century but that they may have actually originated in Asia. They were generally used to herd flocks in challenging conditions, hence their extremely thick coats. This provided them with both protection against the extremely cold winters and also against attacks from animals such as Wolves! Up until more recent times, these dogs have been relatively unknown in the rest of the world and were essentially kept a secret within the walls of their native country. Their exclusivity also means that they were sold for a huge price, potentially a years wage! Nowadays they make lovely family pets across the world, including in the UK! They are however still a relatively rare breed and anyone wanting one would have to be put onto a waiting list.