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Hungarian Kuvasz Breed Summary

Loyal, Intelligent, Devoted, Energetic and Gentle

These dogs are sturdily built and are very well-muscled! They are also known to have a very unique walk and are said to gracefully stride their way through lives! They are also often referred to as 'fashion dogs' and were specifically bred to have white coats purely for aesthetic reasons!

They have lovely personalities and are very loyal and happy companions. They were originally bred to guard their properties and 'hoomans', so are fairly aloof with strangers, which means they make wonderful watchdogs!

Fun Fact: They can walk for over 15 miles without tiring!

Lifespan 10 to 12 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 66cm - 76cm
Weight Males and Females 32kg - 52kg
Coat Coat is Dense, Wavy and Medium/Long in Length
Colour White
Eye colour Dark
Common health issues Canine hip dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), von Willebrand's Disease, Gastric dilatation-volvulus
Other Names Hungarian Kuvasz

These dogs are extremely loyal and devoted towards their 'hoomans' and will do everything they can to protect and guard them against potential threats. Along with the fact they are fairly wary of strangers, they tend to make very good watch dogs! They are very loyal, which in turn means they make loving family pets and they get on very well with children, never showing any sign of aggression. On top of this, they are a very intelligent breed meaning training is fairly easy! They're not the best breed for first-time owners and would suit a family who has experience with similar breeds.

Hungarian Kuvasz's are thought to be one of the three ancient Hungarian Breeds, supposedly arriving in Hungary around 1,200 years ago! This was when the Maygyar Tribes invaded the country. Their name, 'Kuwasz' is a Turkish word meaning 'bodyguard', but they were originally used as herding dogs. It was during the 15th century that these doggies became a highly prized breed for their fabulous white coats and were even said to be owned by King Vlad Dracula (the count!). However, after this period of time, the breed began to decline in popularity and weren't revived until the late 1800's and were only properly established just after WW2!