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Hovawart Breed Summary

Intelligent, Energetic, Loyal, Happy and Loving

These dogs are a native breed to Germany and are very highly prized and regarded watchdogs and companions! Additionally, they are very attractive to look at, looking very similar in appearance to Retrievers!

They are well-known for their lovely personalities as they are very gentle, kind and adaptable! Unfortunately, they are not as well-known in other countries, though they are slowly starting to increase in popularity.

Fun Facts: They are very easy to train as they are so intelligent!

Kennel Club Group Working
Lifespan 10 - 14 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 63cm - 70cm, Females 58cm - 65cm
Weight Males 30kg - 40kg, Females 25kg - 35kg
Coat Coats are Fairly Long. The Topcoat is Dense and Close Lying. It can be Straight or Wavy with a Slight Undercoat.
Colour Black, Black and Gold, Blonde
Eye colour Dark, Dark Brown, Medium Brown
Common health issues Hip dysplasia, Osteochondrosis, Thyroid problems, Liver shunt, Bloat
Other Names Hovie

Hovawarts are extremely intelligent dogs and also love to please their 'hoomans', which means they are relatively easy to train! However, intelligence isn't necessarily always a good thing, as when given the opportunity, some may start to develop bad habits! However, they are also very poised and out-going dogs and are bundles of energy! For this reason, they make great pets for first-time owners and remain devoted to you all their lives. However, because they do love 'hoomans' so much, they don't like to be left by themselves as this can result in them developing separation anxiety. Therefore, they would need someone to stay home with them most of the day. However, for the right family and given the right level of training and socialisation, they make lovely pets with the ability to provide you with years of joy!

These majestic dogs are thought to be one of the most ancient breeds and were developed by fanciers of an ancient estate guardian dog from the Middle Ages. This breed actually became extinct in the 1920s but was bought back by Dr Konig just after WW1. He did this by finding similar dogs in the Black Forest and Harz regions of the country and then bred them with Newfoundlands, Leonbergers and German Shepherds, amongst other breeds. Eventually, he created a dog that looked similar enough to a Hovawart although it still remains unclear as to whether he resurrected the breed or just created another similar dog. Regardless, they became a registered breed in 1937. Nowadays, they are considered a rare dog in the UK but remain a very popular breed in Germany!