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Greek Harehound Breed Summary

Strong, Outgoing, Intelligent and Playful

Much like the ancient Greek Olympians, the Greek Harehound is an athlete of prowess. His sport is sniffing and his qualities include strength, stamina, skill, and being totally fearless. This is no surprise, given that his original purpose was to hunt down wild boar and other game. Considered an 'open-air' breed that thrives when given plenty of space and a job to do, the Harehound is definitely not an apartment dog. He does, however, have a keen sense of loyalty and for the right owner, makes for a great family dog in the right circumstances.
Lifespan 10 – 12 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 45cm – 55cm, Females 43cm – 55cm
Weight Males and Females 16kg – 19kg
Coat Short, Straight Coat
Colour Black and Tan
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Hip And Elbow Dysplasia
Other Names Hellenic Hound
This is an outgoing and intelligent breed however, he can be impatient when he is waiting to go out on the hunt. This hound is very playful and loves to play games. He does also have a high prey drive and will need to be closely monitored around small pets. He puts his hunting first so expect him to be at his happiest when he's on the hunt. This pooch has to have a job to complete each day or he will become a nuisance and may even become destructive. While he is a pretty laid-back dog when he is home after a hunt, he can become a difficult dog to live with if there is no defined leader within the home and can be territorial making him an ideal watchdog. Generally, he does well with children that show him respect but may have an issue with young children that invade his space and do not show respect.
The Greek Harehound is a black and tan hound, built for tracking and chasing hare that is indigenous to Greece. It has existed for thousands of years and its ancestors are the ancient laconikoi. These were described and praised by many ancient writers and through colonisation and sea-trade they became widespread in the ancient world. Descendants of the ancient Greek scenthounds can be found all over Europe and beyond. In its country of origin, the breed had no competition and due to its isolation in inaccessible and often mountainous areas, the breed remained pure and little changed. Ancient Greece covered most of the Balkans and so the Hellenikos Ichnilatis left its heritage in the neighbouring countries, too: black and tan or tricolour scenthounds can be found all over this area.