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German Sheprador Breed Summary

Intelligent, Athletic, Loyal, Energetic and Playful

These dogs are a relatively new hybrid and are a cross between a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. They are fairly large in size and often make fantastic guard dogs. Additionally, they are fairly easy to train and are excellent with children!

Shepradors are fairly heavy shedders and so will require a fair amount of maintenance and daily brushing. However, because they are hybrids, they may have a short coat like a Labrador Retriever or a double coat like the German Shepherd.

Fun Fact: They absolutely love the water, so if you live near a lake or beach you should take full advantage!

Lifespan 9 - 11 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 50cm - 63cm
Weight Males and Females 34kg - 38kg
Coat Coat is Medium in Length, Dense and Straight
Colour Black, White, Red, Cream, Blue, Grey, White
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Allergies, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Ear Infections
Other Names Labrashepherd

Sheprador's are a highly intelligent cross-breed and can often be seen doing work similar to their parents, like police work, therapy or search and rescue! And although they may seem like serious dogs at work, at home they will be extremely puppy-like through most of their lives. They are very loyal dogs and could potentially work well as watchdogs, depending on which traits they inherit. This is because they are wary of strangers and may bark at strange or unusual occurrences. However, once through the door, every stranger is a new playmate and they will quickly warm-up to them! They make extremely affectionate dogs and will provide you with years of joy!

The origins of the German Sheprador are relatively unknown, probably due to the fact they are such a new 'designer breed'. However, most would agree that they probably came about during the 1980s, which is when hybrid breeds first became the most popular. The cross itself is between a German Shepherd (GS) and the Labrador. The GS's can be traced back to 1899 and was bred to herd sheep. They are thought to be a very strong and athletic dog. On the other hand, the Labs are slightly older, dating back to the 1800s, where they were used to retrieve nets and fowl out of the water for fisherman. Because the breed is so new, litters of pups can often vary. You may get the floppy ears of the Labs in some, or the longer muzzle of the GS!