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German Longhaired Pointer Breed Summary

Intelligent, Affectionate, Devoted, Loving and Stubborn

German Longhaired Pointers were first developed as gundogs in Germany. They have since become a very highly prized breed, not only as working dogs but also as family pets.

In terms of their personalities, they are very friendly and sociable dogs who love to be around 'hoomans'. Additionally, they are very intelligent, which means they are easier to train than other breeds. However, their extremely high energy levels mean that they're not the best breed for first-time owners as they need to be handled by someone who has experience with the breed.

Fun Fact: They are known as the 'Ferraris' of the Gundog world!

Kennel Club Group Gundog
Lifespan 12 - 14 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 60cm - 70cm, Females 58cm - 66cm
Weight Males and Females 27kg - 30kg
Coat The Topcoat is Close Fitting but the Undercoat is Lush and Soft
Colour Brown, Brown & White, Dark Brown Roan, Trout Coloured Roan, White Ticked
Eye colour Dark Brown
Common health issues Osteochondrosis Dissecans, Hip Dysplasia
Other Names GLP

These dogs are well-known for their intelligence, which in turn makes them very easy to train. Additionally, they absolutely love 'hoomans' and form extremely strong bonds with their families. However, this does mean that they can't be left by themselves for too long as it can lead to them developing separation anxiety, which can result in some very destructive behaviours. Therefore, someone needs to be in the house for most of the day, to give these German Longhaired Pointers all the love and attention they need and deserve! On top of this, they need to be in a fairly large home with access to outside space, where they can stretch their legs and get all the exercise they need! They can be slightly stubborn and act fairly unruly, making them difficult for 'hoomans' who are not used to the breed. For this reason, they need experienced owners who can train them properly from a young age.

These dogs, originally known as 'Bird Dogs' have been around for a very long time and have supposedly been used for hunting since the 4th century! It's also thought that they are descendants of 'Silk Dogs' that originate from Tibet. As opposed to some doggies who 'flush out' game, German Longhaired Pointers would stand and point out the birds. However, it wasn't until the 19th century that a breeding programme was established in Germany, that successfully produced very highly-skilled gun dogs! After this, it was thought that these guys were mixed with other breeds, including English Setters and Pointers to create better hunting dogs, to which the breeding standard was then set. They went on to become highly-prized in both their home country of Germany and also in other parts of the world, including the UK! They continue even today to be a very popular breed but even so, they are still a very rare doggy and anyone wanting one will need to register their interest with breeders.