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Dorkie Breed Summary

Loving, Social, Gentle, Happy

The Dorkie is a small designer mixture breed or a crossbreed of Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. The non-hyper, attention-loving Dorkie needs it's family members to give it time, love, hugs and take them for walks. Being good with other pets and children they enjoy playing with them and sleeping or burrowing undercover. Dorkie‚Äôs also love to socialise with other dogs. 

This small canine is gentle, happy and affectionate in nature. They like to be cuddled up and they make excellent lap dogs. They are also absolute extroverts who just love to hang out with their family.

Lifespan 10 - 13 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 30.5cm - 35.5cm
Weight Males and Females 3kg - 5.5kg
Coat Long, thick
Colour Black, Black and Tan, White
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Skin problems and allergies, wide variety of back conditions
Other Names Dorkie Terrier

As a hybrid, the Dorkie's temperament is difficult to predict. However, most of them are gentle and affectionate, love being around people, and are highly intelligent.

Often, they will attach themselves to one person in the family. They also love cuddling and are quite happy to be around other pets and children.

The Dorkie is very laid back and loves to nap for hours especially under the bed covers. And like both parents, they are alert and good at barking!

While the Dachshund was utilised to hunt and root out burrowing animals and the Yorkshire Terrier was employed as a ratter, the Yorkie-Dachshund mixes are bred for companionship; they do, indeed, make loving little shadows. It is very hard to find anything to complain about with this breed and they are likely to gain popularity very quickly as part of the "designer dog" era.