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Cornish Rex Breed Summary

Playful, Curious, Friendly, Independent

The playful, loving Cornish Rex is a silky soft cat with a furbulous wavy coat. This kitty is active and spirited so they aren't likely to turn down a game of fetch or playtime with small toys! Extremely affectionate in nature, the Cornish Rex loves to be around people, so much so that they may even demand attention from their humans. These cats make wonderful companions and get along well with children as well as other household animals. Fun Fact: These playful cats can stay in 'kitten mode' well into their senior years. One Cornish Rex reportedly lived to be 37 years old!
Lifespan 11 – 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 28cm - 38cm
Weight Males: 3.6kg – 4.5kg, Females: 2.7kg – 3.6kg
Coat Short and silky wavy fur
Colour White, black, chocolate, orange, blue, lilac, tabby, tortoiseshell, bicolour
Eye colour Blue, gold, green, blue
Common health issues Polycystic kidney disease, progressive retinal atrophy
The Cornish Rex may come across as a rather suave and refined cat, but don't be fooled! This charming and intelligent cat has a furbulous sense of humour, in fact, they love any attention they can get and love to take centre stage – whether that's by 'playing' the piano or performing tricks for their audience. Their long limbs allow them skilfully manipulate objects, so you need to keep your wits about you with this kitty around, unless you want doors and cabinets opened with ease! The Cornish Rex is a confident cat that loves their people, they'll happily follow them around from room to room, just waiting until a lap is free to sit in so they can be cuddled by their hoomans. Playful by nature, this kitty maintains their kitten-like behaviour well into old age and they never lose their desire to interact and play with people – pawfect if you love an affectionate cat and can return the companionship this cat craves.
The first Cornish Rex was born in, you guessed it, Cornwall! In 1950, the Cornish Rex came to be as a result of spontaneous mutation, born of a barn cat and an unknown kitty. The discovery was made by Nina Ennismore, a woman who'd bred and exhibited rex rabbits and knew this curly-coated kitten was special. She took the kitten into her home and named him Kallibunker; he was to start what became the Cornish Rex breed. By 1957, a breeding pair of Cornish Rex, directly related to Kallibunker were imported into the United States. The Cornish Rex was officially recognised in the United States in 1967 and despite being discovered in England, are now more popular in the US. At first, breeders believed that the curly coat of both the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex might be related and the two could be bred to each other. However, this breeding only resulted in kittens with straight coats. As this result happened every time they were bred together, it was determined that the curly-coated cats were two distinctive breeds.