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Cheagle Breed Summary

Out-going, Sociable, Friendly, Energetic and Intelligent

These doggies are an extremely popular hybrid breed, and are cross between the Beagle, from England and the Chihuahua, from Mexico! The mix between the two breeds resulted in a very playful and affectionate doggy, with a real love for 'hoomans'.

They are a very small breed so are probably more Chihuahua-like in nature, as opposed to being big on hunting and tracking prey! Instead they are fairy low maintenance, both in the exercise and grooming department!

Fun Fact: They get along very well with children!

Lifespan 10 - 14 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 25cm - 35cm
Weight Males and Females 4kg - 9kg
Coat Coats vary, sometimes can be Double or a Single Coat
Colour Brown, Black, Red, Fawn, Brindle
Eye colour Brown
Common health issues Eye Problems, Heart Problems, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Demodectic Mange, Molera
Other Names Chi-Bea, Chibeagle

These doggies are the pups of very out-going parents, so it’s no surprise that they are equally as bold! This means that they are very social doggies and will require a lot of attention and love from their ‘hoomans’. They are also an extremely friendly cross breed and never seem to have a bad day. The Chihuahua aspect of these doggies may also allow for an excellent watchdog trait as well! This is because they are highly alert and prone to barking if they see something that appears strange or unusual. Because these doggies can get fairly excited, they must be trained to control their hyper-active energy levels! But with proper levels of training and socialisation, you can be sure to spend many years with a sweet and loving pet.

These little cuties are a relatively new ‘designer breed’ and are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Beagle. They have since become an increasingly popular breed choice due to their loving personalities and their small size, which makes them the perfect type of dog for apartment or small home living. They are not as yet a breed recognised by the Kennel Club but are recognised by both the International Designer Canine Registry, as well as the Designer Breed Registry. As they are such a new breed, puppies will vary from litter to litter and may develop different traits and physical characteristics from their parents.