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Christmas Gifts for Cat Dads

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Find the perfect personalised gift to treat a cat dad this Christmas

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Christmas Gifts for Cat Dads

Are you a kitty cat Christmas dad? Well our gifts have all the ways you could possibly want to say Meowry Christmas to your cat’s dad. Let them know what a great dad they are with a ‘Pawsome Dad’ travel mug.

Santa Claws could be delivering a No.1 Dad mug wrapped in our ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ personalised cat wrapping paper this Christmas. Or send a mischievous message from your cat with our ‘Litter box gift’ card, it’s cleaning time!

Whatever you need to let a Christmas cat dad know that they’re loved this festive season, we’ve got it.

Here’s a Purr-esent Just From Me

Personalise your cat dad Christmas gift with photos, your Yappy icon and your feline’s name. Our range of personalisations provide endless possibilities. Put a snap of your kitty onto our photo upload mug, or spend the festive season looking for your cat in the ‘Where’s your cat?’ book. If we know cats, they’re probably hiding under the Christmas tree!

Cat Dads Love a Brew

We’ve got cat dad mugs galore at Yappy. We know all dads love a cuppa, so why wouldn’t a cat dad? Personalise your cat dad mug with your favourite photo of your feline, or add your cat’s name and icon. If you’re cat crazy and you want all the cats, then we have the mug for you. Or, if you have a mischievous cat, then what could be more fitting than our peeking cat mug?

Join the Clowder

To get started, simply browse our range of products and, when you’re ready, add your cat. Select your cat breed and the image that looks like your kitty then tell us their name and whether it’s your cat or someone else you’re buying for. Sit back and we’ll personalise all of our products to suit your cat. Add multiple cats and join our clowder today!

Simply add your cat to see everything personalised specifically for your cat.

Need assistance personalising your pawfect cat gifts, or would you like to check the status of your order? Our friendly team is always Yappy to help. Just give us a meow and contact us today at help@yappy.com