What type of dog mum are you? Do this fun quiz to find out!

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For every type of dog, there’s a dog mum with their own pawrenting style. The question is, what type of dog mum are you? Find out now!

What does a typical Saturday morning look like?

A) We’re up early to go for a run and catch the sunrise!
B) Cuddles and snoozes… and more cuddles
C) With a frothy
pupppuccino from a cool dog cafe
D) A relaxed morning stroll followed by a yummy breakfast

Grubs up! What’s your dog having for dinner?

A) High-performance food so they’re fuelled and ready to roll
B) A homemade meal made with love (and all the essential nutrients)
C) Kibble my fave dog Instagrammer has been going mutts for
D) Dog food and probably some chicken off my plate

How often do you take photos of your dog?

A) Whenever we’re out on a fun adventure
B) Every time they do something cute (which is pretty often)
C) Multiple times throughout the day, for our fans of course!
D) When the mood strikes!

Does your dog have any outfits?

A) They’ve got a light-up collar, does that count?
B) I’ve lost count. They’re wearing a cute bandana right now!
C) Of course, an adorable outfit = an adorable photo!
D) Yep, one for Halloween and one for Christmas

If your dog were to win an award, what would it be for?

A) Running, jumping, swimming, or all of the above!
B) They’d win all the awards… but also for being the most lovable
C) Having star quality
D) Being the coolest canine around

What’s your dog’s best skill?

A) Their amazing athletic abilities
B) Always being by my side
C) They can sit still for the camera and pose on cue!
D) Simply being The Best Dog Ever

So, what type of Dog Mum are you?

Mostly As: The Fitness Dog Mum

Always on the go, you can think of nothing better than taking the world in your stride with your best bud by your side. You both get itchy feet when you’ve been inside too long. Adventure awaits!

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This water bottle is perfect for the dog mum who’s always on the go!

Mostly Bs: The Helicopter Dog Mum

Some people may say you hover, but how can you not? Have they SEEN how amazing your dog is? You want only the best for your pup and like to know what they’re doing most of the time. Okay, all of the time.

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This bandana is a cute way to let the world know you and your pup are BFFs.

Mostly Cs: The Social Media Dog Mum

Someone call the puparazzi! You and your pup LIVE for the limelight and like to strike a pose at every given opportunity. Well, the world needs to know how adorable your dog is, right?

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We know you’ve got 1000s of photos of your dog. Why not choose your favourite to create a unique cushion? It’s the ultimutt home comfort!

Mostly Ds: Cool Dog Dog Mum

You’re not a regular dog mum. You’re a cool dog mum. You like to go with the flow and often let your dog take the lead. They want to walk? Great. They want to chill? Perfect. It’s all gravy, baby.

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Stay cool but keep your drinks hot with this insulated travel mug.

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Now that you’ve discovered what type of dog mum you are you may be interested in finding out how old your dog or fur babies are in human years. We know this is a popular question with dog parents, so we’ve put together our findings, which you can find here!

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