What Dog Breed Sleeps the Most?

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Some dogs are known for being fluffy balls of energy, who zoom around the home, are always keen for walkies, and keep their owners on their toes.

On the flip side, other pooches are more concerned about their post-walk snooze. The question is, what dog breeds sleep the most?

Keep reading as we look at the 13 sleepiest dog breeds. While these pooches are always counting down to their next forty winks, they still require regular exercise (so long as it’s followed by a long nap)!

The dog breeds that sleep the most 

On average, it’s believed that dogs tend to spend as much as half of their day asleep, 30% awake but relaxing, and just 20% active. Due to their large size, big dogs such as Saint Bernards, Greyhounds and Mastiffs will require more sleep than smaller dogs as they use more energy to move around and tire quicker. Plus, all that time being adorable requires rest and beauty sleep!

Below you’ll find the dog breeds that sleep the most. You’re more likely to find these dogs running in their dreams than doing constant laps at the dog park.

1. English Bulldog  

If you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion that’s happier to snooze on the sofa than go for a long stroll, then look no further than the Bulldog. These pooches are all about the nap life. Just be warned, this pooch snores… A lot… Loudly.


2. Mastiff  

A big dog like the Mastiff requires a hefty amount of sleep. This larger-than-life canine takes a lot of energy to move and run around, so you can imagine how dog-tired they are after lugging themselves from place to place. To match their sleepy nature, Mastiffs even look pretty tired thanks to their drooping eyes and wrinkly skin.


3. Greyhound

Renowned for being quick on their feet, the Greyhound is also quick to fall asleep after they’ve had their zoomies. The speedy Greyhound is definitely more of a sprinter than a marathon runner, so once they’ve spent their energy running at top speeds, they’re happy to rest their legs and sprawl out on their dog bed.


4. Saint Bernard

A relative of the Mastiff, Saint Bernards are another giant dog breed that loves to snooze. This breed was originally bred to rescue people lost in snowy mountains and they’re renowned for being one of the strongest dog breeds in the world. It’s probably a good thing this dog isn’t too excitable, you wouldn’t want a 180lb pooch jumping up on you for a kiss! 


5. Great Dane  

The Great Dane is a gentle giant in every sense of the word. Despite their towering size, these lethargic doggies are known for being incredibly mellow and affectionate nature towards their favourite human pals, plus they take nap time very seriously.


6. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog lives a “work hard, sleep harder” lifestyle. Originally bred as a working dog, this pooch has bounds of energy when helping their humans in the fields or up in the mountains (hence their name), but once they’ve had their daily dose of exercise, they’re more than ready to spend the rest of the day curled up on their bed or on the sofa.


7. Great Pyrenees

Next on the list of dog breeds that sleep the most is the Great Pyrenees. Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, this pooch is another working dog that works tirelessly. In fact, they were originally bred to tend flocks and keep predators at bay by running to fend them off. It’s no wonder they need to catch up on their sleep after working so hard!


8. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are renowned for their ability to sleep for hours on end, go for a little stroll then return to their dog bed for another sleep. It’s a hard life! If taken for a long walk, you can expect this pooch to spend most of the day in a horizontal position.


9. Cocker Spaniel

A typical Cocker Spaniel is prey-driven and will seek out birds and other prey to retrieve. Even if your Spaniel isn’t a working pup, they’re likely to have bounds of energy and want to chase the birds! So, by the time they get home from running across muddy fields and splashing in rivers, they’re happy to relax and snuggle down with a blanket on the sofa.


10. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a big cuddly canine that’s ever bigger on sleep. Cute and fluffy, you may think there’d be nothing better than snuggling up to this dog for a cuddle, but you’re likely to get the cold shoulder as this pooch prefers to nap alone!


11. French Bulldog

While French Bulldogs can charge around excitably (especially meeting new people or greeting their favourite humans), once they’ve had their funny five minutes, they’re happy to settle down for some serious snooze time. This is the kind of dog that’ll be excited for breakfast and then crash once they’ve eaten.


12. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a good example of a small dog breed that can give bigger dog breeds a run for their money when it comes to sleeping a lot! Once they reach their adult years, Shih Tzus commonly spend more than half of the day asleep – and Shih Tzu puppies and senior dogs will sleep even longer!


13. Pug

We told you it wasn’t just giant dog breeds that like to sleep a lot! The Pug is another example of a dog breed that sleeps the most. While these pooches can be excitable, especially when greeting their humans, they’ll sleep for hours once they’ve calmed down.


Looking after a sleepy dog

When it comes to dogs, is there such a thing as too much sleep? Make sure to check out our blog post on how much sleep dogs need to find out, which also covers how much sleep puppies and adult dogs need. 

It’s important for dog owners to clock how much sleep their canine companions get. If you have a dog and feel like their sleeping habits have changed or they’re sleeping a lot more, then it’s best to seek the assistance of a vet for professional advice.

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