How Much Water Should My Dog Drink?


Does your dog lap up water whenever they see their water bowl, or do they seem reluctant to drink up? Making sure your dog is getting enough water is a common concern for many dog pawrents.

Nobody wants a parched pooch on their hands, especially as dehydration can be seriously dangerous. On the flip side, if your dog is drinking more water than usual, this can also be a sign of other health issues.

So, how much water should your dog drink? Keep reading as we dive into:

  • How much water does a dog need?

  • Why is my dog not drinking water?

  • Symptoms of dehydration in dogs

  • My dog is drinking more water than usual

How much water does a dog need?

There’s no denying how important water is for your furry friend. It’s the main component of healthy, living cells in your dog’s body and without it, your pup is at risk of dehydration.

In general, your dog should drink about 40-60ml per kilogram of their body weight per day. But don’t fret about measuring this out drop for drop. Just make sure your dog always has access to plenty of fresh, clean water every day.

Your dog will also need more water if they’re exercising or outside in hot, dry conditions.  


Why is my dog not drinking water?

There are a few common reasons why your dog may be drinking less water than usual, including:

Your dog eats wet food or a homemade diet

Dogs that eat dry kibble are likely to drink more water daily, compared to pooches that eat wet canned food or a homemade diet as these contain more moisture – in fact, they can be about 65-80% water!

Your dog may be feeling unwell

If your furry friend is unwell from another underlying health issue, or they have mobility or pain issues, they’re less likely to drink the amount of water they need. If you suspect this is the reason why, speak to your vet for more advice.

It’s not to their taste  

If your pup’s water isn’t fresh and clean, they’re less likely to drink it. Warm water also isn’t appealing to dogs, so be sure to replace your dog’s water each day (ideally twice a day) and if your dog’s water bowl is outside, place it in the shade.

For some dogs, they may not like the plain taste of water. In this case, you can occasionally offer your dog bone broth as well as water.

Feeding your pup more veggies and fruit is also a great way to indirectly get more water into their diet. Cucumbers and watermelon are especially high in water (and yummy)!

Symptoms of dehydration in dogs

It’s super important to keep your dog hydrated at home and when you’re on the go, especially during the summer months.  

If your pup hasn’t had enough to drink, there are a few tell-tale signs that suggest they’re dehydrated, such as:

They’re looking for water

This might be obvious, but if your dog is thirsty, they’ll frantically be looking for something to drink.

They’re lethargic

Your dog may lay down or seem out of sorts, they may pace or drool too.

Their gums are pale, dry, or sticky

Check your dog’s gums for these symptoms, they’re often a reliable sign of dehydration.

Press your finger gently on your dog’s gums then remove your finger. If your dog is well-hydrated, the area you pressed will appear white and then return to its normal pink colour quickly. If your pooch is dehydrated, it’ll take much longer for the colour to return.  

If your dog has a medical condition or is otherwise ill (like being sick or having an upset stomach), then be sure to monitor their intake closely to ensure they don’t develop signs of dehydration.

My dog is drinking more water than usual 

If your dog is drinking an excessive amount of water, or they’re drinking or urinating more than usual, tell your vet. There are many reasons why this could be and as it’s a symptom of various illnesses, your vet may want to carry out a thorough physical exam along with blood or urine tests.

You should still provide your dog with enough water each day, but your vet may ask you to measure how much water your dog is drinking if they’re drinking an excessive amount.


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