Dogs Go Dating! Could it be woof at first sight for your pooch?

Everyone’s a sucker for a good love story, and there’s no reason why our pet pooches can’t have one too!

It might seem hard to keep up with your dog’s love life, with all the long walks, sleeping by the fire and chasing squirrels, but finding the pawfect match has just become a whole lot easier thanks to our brand-new personalised dog dating service… 

All the single pups – now put your paws up!

Single Pups, reveal yourselves! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to play cupid and be the pawfect personalised matchmaker for your furry friend.

Introducing: ‘Dogs Go Dating’ - our brand-new doggy dating service!

Calling all dogs who are looking to find ‘THE ONE’!  Whether your pup is an adventurous type who loves an action-packed day or they’re a more reserved pooch who struggles to say ‘henlo’ to strangers, at Yappy we believe there's a soulmate for all dogs - great and small - and we can’t wait to prove it by finding some pawfectly matched fluffy couples.

Once all applications have been submitted, we’ll get together with our team of rom-com enthusiasts and pup experts, then pick two dogs who we think would make the pawfect match. Then the fun will begin! The chosen pair will receive information on your pup's potential partner along with details on when and where they will need to meet on their romantic ‘furst’ blind date.

 The ‘woofed up’ couple will also receive a bundle of personalised gifts and care products to ensure they look, feel - and smell furbulous for the all-important first doggy date.    

Find a match so paw-fect that your doggo will fall in love

Everyone deserves a chance to find love, so if your pup is lonesome and looking for romance, here’s how you can apply for Yappy’s first-ever personalised Dog Dating Service…

How to apply

  1. Simply create a pawgeous profile for your dog here - it’s easy-peasy and takes seconds to create a personalised profile!

  2. Send a picture of your dog’s personal icon to, along with the answers to the following questions:

  • What’s your dog's full name, breed, sex and age?

  • Please describe your dog’s main personality traits…

  • What’s your dog’s favourite activity?

  • What does your dog dislike?

  • What does your dog look for in a potential partner?

  • Where would your dog’s ideal date be held? (For example, a café, restaurant or park). 

Fetch me a date 

All applications for Dogs Go Dating will need to be in by 31/03/2023 and applications are only open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

Yappy to help

If you have any technical issues or have any questions, please contact and a member of the team will be in touch. 

Discover more ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog here.

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