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Bergamasco Breed Summary

Protective, Energetic, Weary, Intelligent and Independent

These dogs were developed in North Italy, bred to herd and guard livestock in harsh environments and terrain. They are very unique looking with distinctive coats that form loose mats and cords.

They're not the best breed for first-time owners due to their powerful ways and better suit owners who have experience and knowledge of handling similar breeds. They are very confident, though quite cautious in nature. These dogs need plenty of access to outdoor space as they love to be outside!

Fun Fact: They are over 2,000 years old!

Kennel Club Group Pastoral
Lifespan 13 - 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males 50cm - 60 cm, Females 50cm - 56cm
Weight Males 32kg - 38kg, Females 26kg - 32kg
Coat The Coat is Very Long wit Mats that Fall Loosely from the Topline Down Their Flanks. They are Hard in Texture on the Forequarters but Softer one the Legs and Head. The Undercoat is Much Shorter and Denser
Colour Solid grey, All shades of grey right through to black, Black, Isabella, Fawn
Eye colour Brown
Other Names Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Cane da pastore Bergamasco

Bergamasco's are naturally protective and wary of strangers and this paired with their incredible hearing, they make fantastic watchdogs! This does mean that guests to their home may be ‘un-welcome’, so they need plenty of socialisation and training as pups to try and avoid these behaviours becoming overly intense. Their independent natures mean they're not highly keen on listening to what you have to say and may decide when and how they respond – another need for lots of training as a pup!

These guys were developed in Italy and are now highly prized for their excellent guarding and herding capabilities. It’s thought that they had strong relationships with the shepherds and worked closely together through a variety of challenging climates and terrains. The dense coat that surrounds their bodies allows them to be protected from the more severe elements of their environments as well as protection from predators, such as Bears and Wolves. Although we don’t know exactly when the breed first came about, they can be traced back over seven thousand years to Iran! Bergamasco's are extremely independent and are able to think for themselves, a necessary skill in the field of flocking sheep!