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Azawakh Breed Summary

Highly-Energised, Protective, Playful and Gentle

These doggies are a rare breed and have fairly complex personalities. For this reason, they are not best for first time owners and would suit someone who has experience and knowledge of handling similar breeds.

They are a very intelligent breed and extremely loyal to their 'hoomans'. As a result, they need to live indoors and have lots and lots of love and attention! They need commitment for life, so make sure you know what you're signing up-to before you get one of these doggies.

Fun Fact: They are the most devoted breed of all the Sighthounds!

Kennel Club Group Hound
Lifespan 10 to 13 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 58cm - 73cm
Weight Males and Females 15kg - 25kg
Coat Coat is Short in Length and Smooth
Colour Black, Brindle, Blue Fawn, Clear Sand, Dark Fawn and Grizzle
Eye colour Dark or Amber
Common health issues Bloat, Gastric torsion, Hip dysplasia, Hypothyrodism, von Willebrand disease
Other Names Tuareg Sloughi

This doggy can bond both with one ‘hooman’ or a whole family of ‘hoomans’! They are also highly protective of their owners and property, so can be fairly ‘woofy’ towards strangers. However, they are extremely playful and gentle dogs, making them ideal pets for families. One thing to watch out for with this breed is illness and injury, as they have a high tolerance for pain, and unlike other dogs, won’t let you know if they’re hurt. It’s not hard to imagine that this breed isn’t particularly clingy or ‘lap dog-like’, and they definitely don’t seek a lot of physical contact. So, for anyone considering making a new Azawakh-shaped addition to the family, you need to make sure it suits the needs and wants of the whole family. 

The Azawakh originates from West Africa, and is named after the Azawakh Valley, which is situated in the Sahara Desert. They have accompanied the wandering people of Touaerag for centuries as both hunting and guard dogs (and valued companions!). Although little much else is known about their history, it is thought that they probably share ancestors with the Saluki and Sloughi dog. Because the breed is used to hot conditions, they are very lean and muscular in build, and therefore making excellent jogging partners! It is also vital your pooch has a little jumper that it can wear in winter, as their thin bodies can get very chilly! But once they’ve been on their daily walks, they are happy to relax for the rest of the day on the sofa, soaking up the sun.