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Australian Mist Breed Summary

Playful, Curious, Affectionate, Intelligent

The Australian Mist is a furbulous breed of cat that was developed in Australia. This carefully crafted kitty is famous for their spotted or marbled fur and lovely temperament – full of affection, these cats enjoy a cuddle and playing with their people. Bright but relaxed in nature, this breed isn't particular needy, nor do they have any extreme care requirements, meaning they tend to slip quite comfortably into a range of households. A pawsome family pet, the Australian Mist was bred to be an indoor-only cat so make sure you keep an eye on this kitty around open doors! However, a supervised Australian Mist in a cat-proof garden would be a furbulous way for your kitty to roam outside safely.
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females: 25.4cm – 30.5cm
Weight Males and Females: 4kg – 7kg
Coat The coat is very short and lacks an undercoat
Colour Brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold or peach
Eye colour Green
Common health issues Renal Failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes
Other Names Spotted Mist
The Australian Mist is the type of cat that's quick curl up on your lap as soon as you've sat down! Because these cats were bred to specifically have a loving temperament, they adore companionship and make wonderful family pets, especially as they're very tolerant of being handled by young children (without feeling the need to get their claws out). Like most kittens, Australian Mists are full of energy, but they do mature to more chilled-out, affectionate cats as they get older. This breed isn’t particularly shy, where other cats may hide away when strangers visit, the Australian Mist is curious and welcoming of new friends (especially if they want a cuddle!). These kitties get along well with everyone including young children and other pets – even dogs – so they fit in well with family life.
Named the national cat of Australia – because it’s the first cat to originate from Australia – this kitty is difficult to find in other parts of the world, though some breeders have tried to introduce them in the UK. There is only a small amount of Australian Mists in America and there aren’t any breeders located there either. The breed was first produced in 1977 by Dr. Truda Straede when he wanted to create a cat that was happy to live indoors. Since there were so many feral cats attacking native wildlife in Australia, Dr Straede wanted to produce a friendly, mellow cat. The Australian Mist Cat was born from an original set of 30 cats that mainly consisted of Burmese and Abyssinian cats, as well as Domestic Shorthair breeds. Originally named the Spotted Mist, their name later changed in 1998 to accommodate the variety of coat patterns this breed could exhibit. While there aren’t many Australian Mist cats in the UK or Europe just yet, the breed is growing in popularity and breeders are working to have it recognised by cat fancy organisations.