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Aegean Breed Summary

Intelligent, Social, Affectionate, Energetic

The Aegean is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds, originating from the Cycladic Islands of Greece. To this day, the intelligent and fearless Aegean is a real national treasure in their native home of Greece. This treasured kitty is a furbulous family cat that gets on well with children. Just be wary if you have a fish tank in the home – Aegean cats aren't afraid of water, so don't be surprised if you find them doing a spot of fishing!
Lifespan 9 – 12 years
Height (at the withers) 20cm – 25cm tall
Weight Males: 4kg - 4.5kg, Females: 3.2kg – 4kg
Coat Semi-longhaired
Colour Usually bi-colour or tri-colour, the body of their coat is usually white with black, red, blue, cream or tabby markings
Eye colour Green, yellow, blue
Common health issues This cat is thought of as a highly resilient and healthy breed
Aegean cats have been domesticated for centuries and as such, are known to be wonderful family pets. You can expect your Aegean to be energetic, lively and chatty, as well as an affectionate and loving companion. These kitties also get along well with other pets and children and are happy providing they receive plenty of attention, toys and playtime. As these kitties are highly intelligent and enjoy interacting with their humans – you may even be able to teach them a few tricks (the earlier you start, the better). While they have an independent streak, Aegeans are well suited to bustling households where there's always an activity for them to join in with and they especially love access to an outdoor space.
While the Aegean is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds, it wasn't until the early 1990s that this kitty was named as an official feline breed. A native to Greece, this cat originated from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea (Santorini, Milos, Mykonos and Naxos, to name a few). If you venture outside of Greece, an Aegean is a rare find, however on its native island, you'll easily come across one of these furbulous kitties. Today, this cat is considered a national treasure of Greece, where it's a popular family pet.