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Bedlington Whippet Breed Summary

Intelligent, Agile, Energetic, Playful

The Bedlington Whippet is a mixed breed Lurcher that combines the Bedlington Terrier with the Whippet. When it comes to their appearance, these pups only have a small build, however they have a larger-than-life pawsonality. They love nothing more than being in your company and they will never turn down a cuddle!

These dogs are very versatile, they have high energy needs and enjoy completing tasks, they are also happy to relax around the home with their owners.

Naturally an energetic breed, they make a great addition to your family home as they are gentle around children, but will wouldn’t ever say no to play-time!

Bedlington Whippets are a very smart breed of dog and because of this they like to follow their own intuition. Following directions doesn’t come naturally to them, therefore training them can be somewhat challenging. The best advice is to be persistent and patient.

Fun Fact: Bedlington Whippets adore digging, so plenty of outdoor space like a large garden will keep them content. Always remember to keep your garden secure, so they don’t get distracted and run off.

Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 14in – 16in
Weight Males and Females 15lb – 22lb
Coat Thick, Double Coat, Fluffy, Soft
Color Tan, Black, Gray, Brown, White
Eye color Brown, Black
Common health issues Copper Toxicosis, Eye Conditions, Retinal Dysplasia, Heart and Kidney Disease
Other Names Beddy Whippet
During their puppy years Bedlington Whippets are like a never-ending bundle of energy, with high physical and mental stimulation required to keep them content. This makes them suitable for owners with an already active lifestyle. However, it is worth noting that once they reach adulthood, they start to show more traits from their Whippet parentage and have a much more relaxed approach.

Naturally a highly intelligent breed, it will probably come as no surprise that these dogs like to be kept busy, otherwise they have been known to show undesirable behaviors when they’re bored. Training sessions are a great way to implement good behavior whilst creating a challenge for them, which they will enjoy.

The Bedlington Whippet will not appreciate being left in their own company, in fact leaving them for long periods will cause them emotional distress and is never advised. If these dogs do not experience enough human contact, they have been known to become aggressive or timid around new people, therefore socialization should be prioritized.

A confident breed, these dogs will never say no to playtime, making them a pawfect addition to your family home. However, if you do have any other smaller pets just be wary these dogs may treat them like prey so they should never be left unsupervised.

Although they do not have a short attention span, they can become easily distracted by the slightest thing and tend to chase. Keeping them on a lead during training is a good idea. These dogs will appreciate being rewarded as this will motivate them to focus, rather than harsh punishments for making mistakes.

The Bedlington Whippet is referred to as a Lurcher, which is when a Sighthound dog is bred with the likes of a Terrier or Shepherd. Lurchers have a vast history, which ranges back to the late 14th century. Some sources claim that the Bedlington Whippet first originated around 100 years ago, during the 1920s.

Whippets are one half of the Bedlington Whippets heritage, they first originated from England during the mid-19th century, where they were initially bred as working dogs as they were excellent at chasing rabbits.

Similarly, the Bedlington Terrier also originated in England specifically from a small village near Rothbury, which is why they are sometimes referred to as the Rothbury Terrier. It is believed that the Bedlington Terrier has been around since the 1780s, with some sources tracing the breed back to this era.

These dogs were initially bred as working dogs and were used to hunt, however since then have also been using as sporting dogs as they have always performed well in agility competitions. This explains why the Bedlington Whippet inherits a similar competitive and agile temperament.

Nowadays, the breed is solely bred for companionship. Unfortunately, they are still not recognized by any kennel club; however, specialized dog events are held which allow Lurchers to participate in. The dogs can compete in various agility tests and races.

Currently, Bedlington Whippets are more commonly recognized across the UK and Ireland, their pawpularity has not yet spread to the US.