Why Is My Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

You’ve gone out of your way to buy a luxuriously comfortable bed for your kitty, but you’ve found that they’re barely being used. They’re not sleeping on the sofa, another chair in the house, or even a bed upstairs either. In fact, you’ve noticed your cat has been sleeping in the litter box, of all places!

So, why would a cat sleep in a litter box? Continue reading to find out.

Cat sleeping in a litter box

Most cats have their own sleeping preferences in terms of the surface they like to sleep on and the location within the house. Cats are very picky and meticulous about their grooming, so it can be a surprise to find them sleeping in their litter box!

However, there are some possible reasons why a cat would sleep in a litter box. It’s a strange one because, on the one hand, a cat lying in their litter box could be perfectly fine. But, on the other, they could be hiding some health problems that require a check-up.

Here are some possible reasons why your cat has decided to start sleeping in their litter box:

  • Cat is stressed

  • Just want privacy

  • They’re tired

  • Marking their territory

  • They’re comfortable

  • Uncomfortable or sick

  • Cat is in labour

Cat is stressed

One possible reason for your kitty deciding to lay down in their litter box is that they’re feeling some level of stress. It’s up to you to find out what has caused this. Do you have loud children in the house, or other larger pets that could potentially be scaring your cat? Or, is the house currently undergoing some sort of building work with loud noises constantly made throughout the day? All of these could be causing stress for your cat.

Just want privacy

Also, your cat could just be looking for some privacy. Maybe you have a busy or loud household and your kitty just wants some alone time. Yes, it’s an unusual place to lie down and relax, but it’s making them happy and comfortable.

They’re tired

If you find your kitty sleeping in the litter box, they may have just become tired while doing their business and decided to lie down and nap. For kittens, climbing in and out of a litter box can sometimes be a challenge. So, if they’ve become tired while there, they may genuinely have just decided to stay there for their nap.

Marking their territory

Another possible reason for sleeping in the litter box is your cat could be marking their territory. If there are other pets in the house, your cat might be feeling defensive. This behaviour could be their way of trying to keep others away from what they have decided is their space.

They’re comfortable

Some cats may find the litter box comfortable, especially if you’ve recently changed the type of litter that you’re using. It can create a whole new texture, smell and feel for your kitty who might actually like it. Yes, it’s an unusual sleeping place, but they’re happy!

Uncomfortable or sick

One worrying possibility behind your cat’s decision to sleep in their litter box is either sickness or feeling uncomfortable, which could point towards some sort of underlying condition you’re unaware of. Your best bet is to check over your cat and see if they’re struggling with anything, like pain in a certain area or lack of mobility.

If they’re either sick or experiencing pain, you should seek the assistance of a veterinarian immediately.

Cat is in labour

If your cat is pregnant they may have retired to their litter box because they’re actually going through labour. If your cat is pregnant, create a comfortable and relaxing space for her to give birth where she and her babies can feel safe.

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