5 Reasons Why Dog People Love Barkboozle!

Barkboozle: Your Dog’s Edition is an addictive, fast-paced card game that’s been a huge hit with dog lovers. Here’s why they can’t stop talking (and barking) about it!

First, here’s how to play:

This fun, family-friendly game is made up of 55 cards and can be played with 2 – 8 players from the ages of 7+.

Each card shows several dog-inspired images that vary in size and as no two cards have the same images on them, the ultimate goal is to find matching pairs.

But be quick! The first player to call out the match wins the card. Whoever collects the most cards once the 55-card deck has run out is the champion.

1. It’s 3 Games for the Price of 1

That’s right, there’s more than one way to play this game!

So, whether you settle on playing your favourite version of the game over and over or you rotate through all three find and match games, you’re guaranteed endless entertainment.

2. It’s Fun for the Whole Family

With no tricky knowledge questions, complex rules or time limits in sight, Barkboozle is easy to follow and fun for the whole family to join in with.

This inclusive game can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, all you need is to keep your focus, have a keen eye and be quick to react!

3. Your Dog Gets to Join in With Game Night

Okay, so your dog might not be able to bark the answers, but as Barkboozle is ‘Your Dog’s Edition’, this personalised game makes your pup the main focus (much to the delight of every dog person).

Customising the game is super easy. Simply head to the Barkboozle page and click ‘personalise now’ to create your dog’s unique profile and make them the star of the game.

With your dog’s name and icon proudly displayed on the tin, as well as your pup’s icon appearing on 16 of the playing cards, the furry, four-legged member of your family gets to join in with the fun antics of games night too.

4. You Can Play a Quick Game or Have Hours of Fun

Whether you want to play a quick-fire round that lasts just 15 minutes or you’re part of a group that wants to play all three games numerous times, the choice is yours!

5. Entertaining Group Activity

Barkboozle can be played with as few as 2 players to as many as 8, so the game will vary each time, depending on who’s playing and how many people are involved. The game can become even more fast-paced and competitive with a larger group!

Plus, as the images on the cards are up to interpretation, you can expect all sorts of funny names to be called out as players compete to call them out first. The special ‘dog cards’ are also guaranteed to go down a storm as everyone will rush to shout their dog’s name out!

Ready to play?


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