Can You Have a Real Christmas Tree If You’ve Got Cats?

The most magical time of year is approaching us; Christmas is just around the corner! Whilst you start to prepare your wonderful decorations, it’s important to remember whether they’re suitable for everyone, including the cat members of the household! Our furry friends love nothing more than celebrating special occasions with us, indulging in tasty treats, and unboxing their new toys on Christmas day (and enjoying the box too). Sharing those precious moments with your cat is truly priceless.

While organising your Christmas décor you may ask yourself can you have a real Christmas tree with cats? Well, as we know cats tend to have a curious nature, which means real trees can sometimes be risky. Your cat may enjoy jumping up to your tree and chewing on its pine needles, both of which could be dangerous. If your tree was to fall over onto your cat it could result in injury, or if they accidentally consumed pine needles, this could pose a serious health risk.

It's sensible to ensure all your decorations are ‘cat proof’ as you know any new additions to your home are going to be closely inspected by them. So can you have a real Christmas tree with cats? Well, it is strongly recommended to opt for a fake tree to avoid dangerous pine needles.

Keep reading to explore our top tips on how to decorate your home safely with cats this Christmas.

Cat-Friendly Christmas Trees

Can you have a real Christmas tree with cats? It’s always important to prioritise your cat's safety when decorating for Christmas, starting with your tree. As any cat owner will know, our feline friends have a strong desire to climb and jump on things, so your Christmas tree will become a new challenge for them to conquer.

One way to keep your kitty’s paws away from your tree is to distract them with plenty of toys. Treat them to a fluffy forest teaser cat toy, which will have them pouncing in a flash! Its enticing soft feathers and fluffy tail offer an excellent way to keep them occupied.

Whether you choose a real or fake tree, it’s a good idea to opt for a heavy base that will hold your tree down. Doing this or ensuring your tree is securely attached to a wall or ceiling should prevent any accidents.

If you have your heart set on a real Christmas tree, then it’s important to note that fir trees are mildly toxic to cats. Fir trees produce oils which can cause irritation to your cat’s mouth and stomach, although the likelihood of your cat being affected is low, it is safe to avoid these.

Feline Festive with Christmas Decorations

Now you’ve chosen your tree it’s time for the fun part, let the decorating commence! Fake Christmas trees can look just as effective if you choose your tree decorations wisely. Get started today by personalising a snowflake decoration and add some feline flair to your home. Beautifully designed and available in a variety of merry colours, this will be a magical addition to your tree.

Invite your adorable kitty to join in the Christmas spirit with a photo-upload decoration. They’re a perfect way to let your cat take pride of place on your Christmas tree and make a wonderful gift. Simply choose your favourite photo of them and personalise yours in a few steps.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to choose just one picture, as we have plenty of other photo-upload gifts available, including blankets, keyrings, notebooks and much more, perfect for spoiling the cat parents in your life.

Remember to decorate beneath the tree too with a personalised Santa sack, the perfect way to store all your kitty’s gifts! Santa Claws will know exactly where to deliver their presents this year and for years to come.

‘Tis The Season for Gift Giving

oscar_andmaggie with Yappy’s fun search and find book: Adventures in Meowtown

Make your Christmas magical with our furbulous selection of personalised Christmas gifts! Explore our best-selling search and find books that will take you and your furry friend on exciting adventures. Unleash your inner detective and put your skills to the test as you search for your cat hiding throughout twelve beautifully illustrated scenes.

This year, give the gift of comfort with our stunning personalised cushions, that are designed to add comfort to your home. Purrfect for cuddling, just like your cat! Lovingly made in the UK, they’re available in a variety of contemporary designs all of which feature your precious kitty.

Unwind with your cat and enjoy a delicious hot drink, in a personalised mug! They’re a wonderful gift to give or receive, as who doesn’t enjoy getting cosy with their furry friends alongside a cuppa?

It’s never too early to make a start on your wrapping and get into the festive spirit, you’ll thank yourself later for being organised! Make sure to check out our Christmas gift wrap selection and choose your favourite today from our stunning season designs. Pair with a card to spread even more Christmas joy!

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