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Tibetan Spaniel Breed Summary

Friendly, Playful, Loyal, Adoring and Intelligent

These cute little guys are potentially one of the oldest breeds to come out of Tibet, having been deeply admired by Monks who lived in Monasteries in the high regions of the Himalayas. They have been discussed as being highly prized watchdogs due to their love of sitting up in the Hugh mountainous areas watching over everything that happened below them. Additionally, they make excellent companions and were affectionately named 'Little Lion Dogs'. They were one of the first Tibetan breeds to be introduced to the UK, in 1895, after many 'hoomans' started to take interest in them. WW1 saw the number of this breed rapidly decline but luckily, one was given to a woman named Lady Wakefield. She mated her Tibetan Spaniel to another Spaniel directly from the monks of Tibet. This doggy was the foundation of all the doggies found in the UK today! They have since increased rapidly in popularity and were recognised by the UK Kennel Club in 1959.

Other Names Tibbie, Little Lion Dog, Simkhyi

Tibetan Spaniels make fantastic companions due to their cheery and friendly dispositions. They absolutely adore their 'hoomans' and thrive in the family home environment. Additionally, they are very funny and playful, making them a joy to live with. They form very strong bonds with their families but can be fairly wary of strangers, though they would never act aggressively. Additionally, these little guys are very intelligent and their eagerness to please means that they are very easy train. This also means that they are great doggies for first time owners as well as older people. Just try not to pamper your doggy too much as these guys are prone to developing 'small dog syndrome', making them very difficult to live with. For the right family, they make lovely family pets and will provide you with years of warm laps and joy!