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Swedish Lapphund Breed Summary

Intelligent, Trainable, Energetic, Active and Devoted

The Swedish Lapphund was originally bred to herd reindeer and is the oldest native Swedish breed. He is also Sweden's national breed. He loves all people and usually never meets a stranger. He makes an ideal family companion, but should be watched when playing with children as he has a high herding instinct and may nip at them to herd them. The Swedish Lapphund is a very social dog and will need to live in the house with his family. He should never be put out in the backyard alone for long periods of time or he will become very unhappy and can become destructive and a nuisance barker.
Kennel Club Group Miscellaneous
Lifespan 9 – 15 years
Height (at the withers) 16in - 20in
Weight 30lb - 45lb
Coat Dense, Long, Straight Coat
Color Black or Brown
Eye color Brown
Common health issues Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Other Names Lapphund, Lapland Spitz, Lapplandska Spets
The Swedish Lapphund is a fun loving dog who is always alert and ready to play a game or do a job. He loves people, especially children. Since he is a typical herding breed, he will be very vocal and can easily annoy neighbors. The Swedish Lapphund is not recommended for apartment living unless he has a stay-at-home parent who can devote a lot of time and energy into keeping him happy and well exercised. He is an intelligent dog and needs mental stimulation as well as physical activity. Expect to spend at least an hour a day playing with him and exercising. Training should involve a lot of praise and positive reinforcement as well as treats and playfulness or he will not cooperate with you. Do not leave him alone in the backyard for long periods of time. He will become very unhappy and could become destructive or a pest with his barking.
The Swedish Lapphund, or Lappie as he is nicknamed by breed enthusiasts, is one of the oldest breeds still in existence. He is a spitz breed with an abundant coat and signature curled tail. His origins can be traced back to the Sami people of Lappland, or the northern region of Norway. The Sami were a nomadic tribe that migrated through Sweden, Finland and the northwestern regions of Russia. The Swedish Lapphund was part hunting partner, part guard dog and part herding dog. Once the Sami people began settling into permanent villages, the Swedish Lapphund was required to help keep their herds of reindeer contained and protected. The Swedish Lapphund and the Finnish Lapphund are mistakenly thought to be the same breed. Originally, they did begin as the same breed but over time they evolved into separate breeds with specific characteristics. The Swedish Kennel Club recognized the Swedish Lapphund in 1903 as its own distinct breed. The official breed standard was also adopted at this time. The very first Swedish Lapphund to be registered with the Swedish Kennel Club was named Halli. Today, he holds the distinct honor of being Sweden's national dog. It was not until 1944 that the Federation Cynologique Internationale recognized the Swedish Lapphund. The FCI adopted the original breed standard in 1944. The United Kennel Club adopted the FCI official breed standard and made minor adjustments prior to fully recognizing the Swedish Lapphund in 2006. He was then able to compete in all UKC sanctioned events. The American Kennel Club has not fully recognized him because there are not enough registerable Swedish Lapphunds within the United States. He is able to be registered within AKC's Foundation Stock Service and compete in companion events.